Remote Office Equipment Pickup and Delivery

We specialize in Remote Office Equipment Pickup for terminated employees and Delivery for new hires. PCs and laptops to all types of home office equipment and more, our couriers can meet your remote office equipment pick up or drop off needs.

We Specialize in
Remote Office Equipment Pickup and Delivery

Today, remote work plays a primary role across all industries, with the majority of companies working strictly remotely. With more remote workers means higher demand and need for the reliable transport of valuable office equipment to and from those remote offices. From the delivery of equipment for a new hire to the pickup of equipment from a terminated employee, Reliable couriers can cater to all of your company’s remote office equipment needs.

We offer a same day delivery solution to get your office equipment shipped from location to location in a timely manner. With the speed and reliability of our rush courier services, you will never have to worry about remote office equipment pickup or delivery again.

What We Pickup & Deliver

Reliable Couriers can pick up and deliver any equipment typical of a home office and more. From laptops and desktop computers to phones, key cards, and portable servers, we can have an entire home office shipped in a matter of hours with the experience of our courier drivers. Our courier drivers are experienced with remote office equipment setup and tear-downs and understand the importance of both processes. The delivery drivers keep a detailed list of all equipment picked up or delivered and the condition of the equipment at each location prior to transport. A detailed chain of custody is also kept for the company, as well as a signature of proof option upon pickup or delivery. The couriers can also transport items without packaging and deliver loose items to your desired location.

Employee Office Books Documents Pickup and Delivery

Books, files & Documents

Employee Office Laptop Desktop Server Pickup and Delivery

Laptops, Monitors & Desktops

Employee Office Key Cards Pickup and Delivery

Company key cards, key fobs & Credit cards

Routers, Chargers & Charging stations

Routers, Chargers & Charging stations

Headphones, mouses & Keyboards

Headphones, mouses & Keyboards

Webcams, Printers & Scanners

Webcams, Printers & Scanners

Flash drives, Hardrives & small devices

Employee Office Equipment Furniture Pickup and Delivery

Office Furniture and Equipment

Parking passes & Name tags

Parking passes & Name tags

Whether you require the transportation of one laptop or a full-size office desk, Reliable couriers can accommodate your remote office equipment pickup and delivery needs. Our fleet of vehicles spans from sedans and cargo vans for smaller office equipment to box trucks with lift gates capable of transporting multiple office desks and chairs. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking systems to give real-time updates on your office equipment pick-up or delivery status.

Use Cases

With Reliable couriers, receive the ultimate remote office equipment pickup and delivery service for remote employees. Experience fast and reliable service with our seasoned and dedicated delivery drivers, who have completed many types of cases of remote employee office pickup and delivery since 2004. Below are just a few types of cases our protocol-trained couriers regularly complete.

Terminated Fired Employee Equipment Return Pickup Delivery

Terminated / fired Employee Equipment Return

Documents Payroll Delivery Remote Employees

Documents / Payroll Delivery to Remote Employees

Team Building Virtual Events Logistics Delivery

Team-building virtual events logistics and delivery

Remote Employee Office Supplies Delivery

Remote Employee Office Supplies Delivery

Remote Employee Food Catering Multiple Addresses

Remote Employees Food Catering to Multiple Addresses

Remote Employees Company Swag Delivery

Remote Employees Company Swag Delivery

Schedule a Pickup for Your Remote Office Equipment Today!

Reliable Couriers is available 24/7 for all your delivery needs, specializing in the transportation of your remote office equipment. You can schedule a remote office equipment pickup or delivery with our team anytime by calling us at 888-415-1781 or by filling out one of our online quote request forms.

How it works

Once you have received your quote online or over the phone and processed payment, our team will dispatch a driver immediately or at your requested scheduled time. Once at the pickup location, our drivers will keep a detailed record of all remote office equipment and its condition and a chain of custody. Using real-time GPS tracking equipment, our local delivery drivers quickly navigate the quickest route from the pick-up to the drop-off locations. Upon delivery, our couriers will document all equipment delivered and who it was delivered to, with a signature if requested. After delivery, you will receive a confirmation call or receipt.

Request A Quote

By Phone or Online

With the details of your order, including pick up, delivery address and the size of the item.

Your Package is Delivered

Safe & Secure Courier Drivers

Our experienced delivery drivers will pick up and drop off your package to it’s destination.

Delivery Confirmation

Real Time Tracking

Your order is tracked in real time and you receive delivery confirmation and signature.

What Our Customers Say

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0 Based on 22 Reviews

Nathan Sulley

Our new hire needed us to deliver their remote office equipment as they are handicapped and cannot drive. We found Reliable couriers and were able to send the equipment to them that same day!

Amanda Brown

After separating from my company, I was tasked with finding a service that could return all of my office equipment, and my company would cover it. While googling terminated remote employee office equipment pickup, I was able to find Reliable couriers who walked me through the entire process. I highly recommend them if you need help in a situation like this.

Jennifer Wallace

My company recently let go of three employees in our accounting department (I am HR), and I needed a way to pick up their home office equipment from all three locations that day so that our IT department could prepare it for our new hires. Luckily after speaking with Reliable couriers about the situation, they were able to send a driver out immediately to get the equipment picked up!

Nicole Fabiola

I needed to return my office equipment to my company and get a new laptop from them. I found reliable couriers who could pick up my new laptop from the office, deliver it to me and take my old laptop back to the office on the same day. They made it super simple, fast, and easy, and my company was able to transfer everything off my old laptop that day, so I could get back to work the next day.

Sean Frankenberry

We had an employee who worked in the office and was transitioning to remote work; however, they did not feel safe transporting the remote office equipment themselves. I found Reliable couriers online, filled out a quote request form, and got a response in less than 5 minutes. Once I accepted, they called me and had a driver on the road within 10 minutes. Quickest on demand delivery service I have ever had.

Kathrine Mourben

My company helps people book their trips online, and most of my staff works from home. Unfortunately, I had to let go of a few members of staff, and one did not take the termination too well. In researching remote office equipment pickup services, I found Reliable, and they have policies in place such as photographing equipment at pickup and recording damages. This was very helpful in this stressful situation, and I cannot thank Reliable couriers enough.

David Robinson

I have used Reliable couriers before to pick up a terminated employee’s equipment; this time, I was very thankful that I did as their driver contacted and notified me immediately of the damage to the equipment before taking it. I will definitely use them for all equipment drop offs and pickups in the future.

Remote Office Equipment Pickup & Delivery Service Overview

For all your remote office equipment that needs to be shipped quickly and safely, Reliable Couriers offers a rush courier solution to help move your equipment to any location fast and on the same day. Whether it be to a new employee’s remote office, corporate office, or storage, our rush courier services are available 24/7 to ensure that your equipment is where it needs to be to keep your business running.

As with our other same day delivery services, you can expect the same great speed, care, and handling for your office equipment. Instead of waiting for days, you can get a remote office set up in a matter of hours with your equipment all shipped safe and in its original condition. Our drivers are trained in properly handling fragile packages and equipment, no matter the size or amount of equipment you may need to be shipped to a remote office location. You’ll also have the convenience and peace of mind that comes with real-time GPS tracking and delivery confirmation so that you’ll know precisely when your office equipment has arrived at its destination. Keep your equipment moving fast and safe with Reliable Couriers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find most frequently asked questions and answers about our Remote Office Equipment Pickup and Delivery services.
Does the ex-employees equipment need to be packaged in any way?

No, we can take the equipment as is and deliver it directly. If the packaging is required, Reliable Couriers can package the equipment to deliver to its location.

Why Does Reliable Couriers Help with Remote Office Equipment?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, remote offices have become more and more integral to the continuation of business for many companies. As such, the shipping of remote office equipment has become more commonplace and a need for reliable transportation has risen. Reliable Couriers is well-suited to get your office equipment where they’re most needed, so that your business can adapt to our ever-changing world.

What Kind of Remote Office Equipment Do You Ship?

We sport a diverse fleet of sedans, cargo vans, box trucks with lift gates, and powerful freight trucks. We can deliver anything to a remote office location from desktop computers and laptops to servers and keycards. From a simple box of paper documents to large pieces of office furniture, Reliable Couriers can get it shipped!

Where Can You Transport Our Remote Office Equipment?

Anywhere in the United States! With our huge fleet of vehicles ranging from sedans to mighty freight trucks, we can transport any amount of office equipment to a remote office or back to your corporate office. Even for long-distance shipping, we have Next-Flight Out solutions that can keep your office equipment delivering on time, even if it’s going from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast.

Where Can I Access Reliable Couriers’ Shipping Services for My Remote Office Equipment?

From the shores of Florida to Washington, we have offices throughout the United States to provide swift, same day delivery services to the destination of your choice. Along with providing fast shipping for all your remote office equipment, we also provide rush courier services for anything from ordinary boxes and envelopes to medical packages and legal parcels.

Delivery Drivers Wanted!

Remote offices are only increasing in number and more equipment is being shipped to these remote locations every day. If you’re a diligent worker who is looking for a fast-paced and rewarding career, then we think you could be an excellent addition to the Reliable Couriers team! Visit our Jobs section on to apply and we’d be glad to reach out to you about our job opportunities!