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Reliable Couriers is the most experienced and number one choice for any and all of your medical specimen and sample deliveries.

We Pick Up and Deliver
Medical Specimen & Samples

We cater to your needs and have multiple options including daily routed deliveries, STAT and rush delivery options, along with climate controlled vehicles so that your medical sample or specimen is delivered as fast as possible to it’s lab, medical center, or diagnostics center as soon as possible.

What We Deliver

We can deliver any type of medical specimen or sample, whether it be a test sample of blood or live organs. Our medical specimen deliver logistics makes sure all of your specimens including blood work, urine samples, biopsies, diagnostic specimens, and organs are all delivered as quickly as possible and in a safe manner.

Urine Samples



Diagnostic Specimens

All of our medical couriers undergo training to comply with HIPAA and OSHA regulations and have years of experience delivering medical samples and specimens all over the country. We understand that time is absolutely critical and that each medical delivery needs to be completed as soon as possible which is why all of our specimen deliveries are done in a STAT manner and our medical courier drivers do not have anything else onboard during these deliveries.

Our Advantage

Our medical specimen delivery drivers are trained to provide safe and timely delivery for labs, medical clinics, hospitals, research laboratories and other medical service providers throughout the United States.

Our Couriers are Bonded and Insured
Each medical courier is bonded and insured.
Equipped With Coolers, Blood & Fluid Spill Kits
Sometimes your samples, specimen or other medical deliveries need additional equipment, we have that equipment on board.
We are Compliant with Regulatory Agencies
Our drivers are compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT.
Trained Medical Delivery Service Drivers
Our drivers are trained to deliver medical specimens on time every time.
Real Time Tracking & Signature Confirmation
Our dispatch and software allows us to track a package in real time and to avoid heavy traffic when possible.
We are Open 24/7 for all medical deliveries
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to complete all your STAT, on demand, and scheduled medical deliveries.

Schedule a Delivery Today

If you need a medical specimen or sample delivered you can rest assured Reliable Couriers will get the job done. We already work with some of the largest hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories in the country so contact us today to get your quote.

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