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Tips for Terminating a Remote Employee

December 1, 2022

An employee’s termination process is never easy, and adding in the complications of ending the relationship with a remote employee can be even more challenging. So we’ve put together some tips on how to make the termination process a lot smoother.

Before terminating an employee, it is crucial to understand why the termination is happening. To ensure the termination is occurring rightfully, you must go over the following:

Do you have all documentation of the employee’s performance and reviews?

It is crucial to have all documentation readily available to you. Preparing manager reviews and notes, as well as performance reports, will help with the termination process. During the employee’s termination, you can refer back to all of these documents.

Were communications and expectations made clear to the employee?

When terminating a remote employee, companies must clearly state what is expected at termination. In this case, you will want to inform the employee what equipment will be returned. But, again, having a set contract will ensure clarity and understanding of expectations.

Was there an equipment return contract?

Employers often need to include the fine details of a return policy before giving employees equipment. In some cases, ex-employees are not legally required to return the equipment. Instead, the burden of the equipment falls on the company. In this case, many companies will hire a third-party courier to handle the return of equipment. Reliable couriers offer this as a full-service same-day. We will not only pick up the equipment from the ex-employees house but also package and deliver it to the company. Completing the whole equipment return process gives many companies peace of mind knowing there is one less step of the termination process they will have to handle.

How do I begin the termination process?

The process begins by supplying the employee with a termination notice and the equipment return contract they signed at onboarding. The termination notice should clearly state the end date and when a final paycheck will be expected after the return of equipment. When creating the equipment return contract, you will want to make sure it includes; a deadline, a list of all equipment, a place to notate any damaged equipment, and a notice that any equipment not returned will result in a penalty. Once you have created the equipment return contract, one of our experienced delivery drivers can provide our remote employee equipment pickup services. We will arrive at the employees’ house at your desired time, record the equipment picked up, securely package the equipment, and transport the equipment to you directly at your desired location, or for a more cost-effective option if distances are too great, can ship it for you, all on the same day.

What should I avoid when terminating a remote employee?

  • Be sure to begin the termination process prepared; ensure you have all documents and contracts ready for the day of termination.
  • Remember to disable any passwords the employee may have access to. It is not common for ex-remote employees to take their anger and frustration out on databases and media accounts, but it is not unheard of.
  • Make it easier for an employee to return the equipment, especially if the termination has occurred on not-so-favorable terms. Instead, hire a third-party courier and avoid any hassle. Our same-day courier service for the return of remote employee equipment can pick up, packaged, and delivered to you quickly and securely.