Medical Courier Services

Get all your medical supplies shipped fast with Reliable Couriers on your side!

Whether you’re looking for a medical courier service on a will call or STAT basis, or if you’re looking to establish regularly scheduled deliveries, Reliable Couriers’ medical courier services have you covered. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can deliver anything from medical equipment and specimens to pharmaceuticals and supplies!

Medical Specimen and Sample Delivery Services

Specimen & Sample Delivery

We specialize in STAT medical sample and specimen delivery. We transport medical materials to you quickly & securely.
Medical Devices Delivery

Devices & Equipment

We also specialize in STAT medical equipment and device delivery. We transport medical equipment quickly & securely.

Since 2004, Reliable Couriers has been working with pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, blood banks, and labs for their medical courier service needs. Our clients trust us due to our experience in transporting time-critical medical packages such as specimens, samples, tissues, blood, pharmaceuticals, organs, and other healthcare supplies. We understand that time is critical in each and every medical delivery—our OSHA and HIPAA protocol trained drivers will make sure that your shipments are made on time, in a secure and safe manner, every time!

Our Advantages

If you’re looking to outsource your medical courier service or maintain relationships with vendors, then Reliable Couriers is the perfect choice for you. Our cost-effective deliveries are not only completed in a STAT manner, but you can also rest assured that your package will be delivered safely and securely. This is because all of our medical couriers are highly trained, bonded, and supplied with the necessary equipment to complete your medical delivery. Our drivers have equipment and supplies including ice, cooling packs, and even fluid and blood spill kits. They are also familiar with the layouts of your hospitals, clinics, and labs—they won’t waste any time in getting to the pickup and completing your delivery fast. Our proprietary GPS software allows for real-time tracking of each delivery, and takes into account traffic in the area, ensuring that our drivers are taking the quickest and most direct routes. At Reliable Couriers, we’ll do everything so that your delivery expectations are met.

Our Couriers are Bonded and Insured
Each medical courier is bonded and insured.
Equipped With Coolers, Blood & Fluid Spill Kits
Sometimes your samples, specimen or other medical deliveries need additional equipment, we have that equipment on board.
We are Compliant with Regulatory Agencies
Our drivers are compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT.
Trained Medical Delivery Service Drivers
Our drivers are trained to deliver medical specimens on time every time.
Real Time Tracking & Signature Confirmation
Our dispatch and software allows us to track a package in real time and to avoid heavy traffic when possible.
We are Open 24/7 for all medical deliveries
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to complete all your STAT, on demand, and scheduled medical deliveries.

Where We Deliver

Have a look at the many nationwide locations where thousands of clients are already enjoying our medical courier services. Thousands more are converting to Reliable Couriers today to ensure that their medical shipments are delivered promptly and securely!

What Our Customers Say

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0 Based on 24 Reviews

AMY COLLINS / Manufacturing Industry

After experiencing some bad customer service from a previous provider, I did a Google search and selected Reliable. It was a good move. They picked up my package within an hour and had it delivered shortly after.

TODD PROMIN / Legal Industry

I needed a courier service for a client of my company to deliver a package after Fed ex had messed up and delivered it to the wrong address. I searched online for courier and delivery service and found reliable couriers and am happy they were able to take care of this for me. For any deliveries I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys.

ANNA STROZINSKY / Corporate Industry

Awesome courier service. These guys were the only courier service in that were willing to deliver my package a long-distance ASAP. They also came through with their promise and my item was delivered on time. Thanks, Reliable Couriers I’ll use you again if I ever need a delivery again.


Great service, reliable so far every time we’ve used them, and well priced. Their team follows up with excellent customer service. I will personally use them every time.


I was in a jam and needed a package delivered for work within two hours! They got to me right away and had my package dropped off early! They really saved me and everyone was so nice! Thanks I will be using you again.