Medical Courier Services

Get your medical supplies shipped STAT with Reliable Couriers medical couriers

Our medical courier delivery service can help with all of your STAT medical delivery needs. The medical couriers on staff are OSHA, HIPAA certified, and protocol trained to handle all types of medical deliveries and can do so on a by-call basis or a set schedule. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our medical couriers can deliver your medical equipment, documents, pharmaceuticals, and supplies.

Medical Specimen and Sample Delivery Services

Specimen & Sample Delivery

The medical couriers of Reliable couriers can STAT deliver all medical samples and specimens to you quickly & securely.
Medical Devices Delivery

Devices & Equipment

Our well-equipped fleet of vehicles allows our medical couriers to accommodate all types of medical devices and equipment.
Medical Records Delivery Service

Medical Record
Pickup and Delivery

With medical records pickup and delivery, you can rest easy knowing our medical couriers are HIPAA-certified and trained.

The medical couriers on staff are familiar with all healthcare facilities, including biotech, pharmaceutics, hospitals, labs, clinics, research facilities, nursing homes, and private practices such as dentists and doctors’ offices. We are here to meet any medical courier and delivery service needs. Our mission is to ensure that delivering medical equipment, lab specimens, pharmaceutics, patient files or medical documents, and other medical deliveries is streamlined and easy. The medical drivers are protocol trained, OSHA certified, and HIPAA certified and follow directions from all healthcare staff and professionals when transporting medical supplies and deliveries.

Our Advantages

Outsource your medical courier service and maintain relationships with vendors by keeping your deliveries fast and secure with Reliable Couriers. With our cost-effective medical deliveries, you can save time by using our STAT medical delivery services, and rest assured that your package will be delivered safely and securely. We can guarantee your package’s secure and speedy delivery with our highly trained, certified, and bonded medical delivery drivers. In addition, each medical courier is supplied with the necessary equipment to complete your medical delivery. Many of the items our medical couriers regularly transport are medical equipment and supplies, including ice, cooling packs, and even fluid and blood spill kits, transporting medical documents, including patient files, x-rays, doctor notes, and prescriptions.

Our Couriers are Bonded and Insured
Each medical courier is bonded and insured.
Equipped With Coolers, Blood & Fluid Spill Kits
Sometimes your samples, specimen or other medical deliveries need additional equipment, we have that equipment on board.
We are Compliant with Regulatory Agencies
Our drivers are compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT.
Trained Medical Delivery Service Drivers
Our drivers are trained to deliver medical specimens on time every time.
Real Time Tracking & Signature Confirmation
Our dispatch and software allows us to track a package in real time and to avoid heavy traffic when possible.
We are Open 24/7 for all medical deliveries
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to complete all your STAT, on demand, and scheduled medical deliveries.

Where We Deliver

Reliable couriers is a nationwide company that employs local medical couriers to deliver all your STAT medical deliveries. The local medical couriers can deliver to hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, labs, dentist offices, private practices, nursing homes, and more.

What Our Customers Say

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0 Based on 24 Reviews

Destiny Coleman

My mother lives in a different state than me and cannot drive but is self-sufficient, living alone in her home. Unfortunately, the neighbor who constantly checks and watches over my mother left on a months-long cruise and would not be there. Luckily I found Reliable couriers Medical courier services, and they were not only able to provide pickup and delivery of my mother’s medications but the usual groceries I order for her nurse to pick up as well!

Marcey Clark

My daughter recently informed me that she was pregnant but would need to regularly go in for bloodwork or use an at-home kit and deliver it to the clinic. Unfortunately, she cannot drive, and our family is not always available. I began researching online for medical couriers who could transport bloodwork and came across Reliable couriers. My daughter said the drivers were very helpful and always right on time!

Allen Emmitt

I work in the ER, specifically in Alpha, with rotating beds to go upstairs or transfer hospitals/facilities. I had a patient moving to the next building down the street with an extensive amount of paperwork. Being a full moon, we had no extra employees to spare at either location, so I had to find a medical courier. Reliable couriers sent us a driver in less than an hour, and they delivered the patient’s files exactly where they needed to go. We will definitely be using Reliable couriers medical driver again.

Dr. DiDonato

I wrote a script for a patient at a nursing home that required my signature, and the facility cannot accept E-signatures. I contacted Reliable couriers to pick up the script from my facilities and deliver it. They saved me money by emailing them the script with my signature, then printing it to deliver to the nursing home. I will use them regularly with patients at this facility.

Sarah Paskett

I run my own practice for dermatology and recently lost the medical courier I used to deliver my skin biopsies to the lab. I contacted Reliable couriers to see if they were capable of doing this, and they were, and now regularly pick up all of my labs.

Zach Chadwick

I had 10 medical tables that needed to be delivered from our main office to a convention center downtown in 4 hours. I had no one on staff physically capable of loading and unloading and no vehicles capable of taking all 10 tables at one time. I called Reliable couriers, and they got me a box truck in one hour with a delivery driver to help me load and unload the tables. The same driver even returned later that day and helped me return them to our facility. Keeping Reliable couriers in mind for next year’s event.

Robert Malcomb

The private practice I work for was moving into its newly built facility, and we had hundreds of boxes of patient files that needed to be transported. We were still seeing patients during our move and did not have time to rent a Uhaul and did not want to use regular moving services as these are private sensitive patient files. While researching medical couriers that could accommodate such a task, I stumbled upon Reliable couriers. They were able to get a driver here once a day over the next 3 days to help us relocate the hundreds of patient files. Highly recommend using them to maintain your patient’s privacy!