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Have a last minute or same day filing? Reliable Couriers has you covered.

We Take Care of All Your
Same Day & Rush Court Filings

Our legal couriers are not just regular delivery drivers that stand in line at a court house. Instead, they are trained and expected to know the basics of court procedures. This allows our same day and rush court filing service to be as quick and efficient as possible. Our legal couriers are expected to know in advance how to solve any issues that may arise with your court filing including advancing of fees. Each and every legal courier is also familiar with the clerks, court supervisors, and employees in the public and private legal sector.

Common Legal Documents We File

We can deliver and file legal documents for you, whether it be a complaint or a petition Reliable Couriers logistics makes sure all of your documents are all delivered as quickly as possible and in a safe, confidential manner.

Lawsuit Complaint Filing and Delivery


Petitions Filing and Delivery


Legal Summons Filing and Delivery


Lawsuit Answers Filing Delivery


Motions Proposed Orders Filing and Delivery

Motions & Proposed Orders

Dismissal Filing and Delivery


Default Judgement Filing


Proof of Service Filing

Proof of Service

Thousands of law firms have chosen Reliable Couriers to get their court filings done quickly an accurately. This is because we move and file legal documents with speed, accuracy, and experience. If you have a legal document you need filed you can email it to us and we can meticulously follow directions to make sure the documents are inspected and filed within their court jurisdiction of choice. If you have a last minute filing we have a rush court filing service available that can get your documents filed in under an hour.

Our Advantages

Our legal courier service can take care of any court filing you may have. We can get your court documents filed in under 60 minutes in most cases. Our customer service team is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and our legal courier supervisor is required to have knowledge of judicial processes which help ensure that your court filing will be completed in time and to your satisfaction. No matter if you have to file at a local, municipal, state, or federal court you can trust our court filing couriers to take care of it properly and in time.

Trained Legal Couriers
Each of our legal couriers is trained to be knowledgeable about court procedure.
Open 24/7
If you have a filing that has to be done first in the morning, contact at any time of day.
National Presence
We have couriers for court filings in almost every major city and can take care of any legal filing.
Courtesy Copy Delivery
We offer same day paper copy filing delivery after your e-filing to make sure that your case gets filed correctly.
Printing Services Available
We can print any filing that you may have, regardless of the number of pages and file it promptly with the court.
Court Experience
All of our couriers are familiar with the courthouses, clerks, and legal process to expedite your legal filing .

Schedule a Delivery Today

We can file at any court house at any time. This includes Federal Courts, County Courts, Municipal courts, criminal courts and civil courts. Our legal couriers are familiar with all levels of the judicial branches, and we can file in any court and provide real time tracking along with signature confirmation. You can trust Reliable Couriers to get your documents filed in time every time.