Legal Courier Services

Whatever your Legal Courier and Delivery Service Needs are Reliable Couriers has you covered.

We have been a trusted source for legal courier and delivery service needs since before EDGAR and electronic filings were implemented. Our legal couriers are familiar with all of the local courts in our service areas and we make sure that no matter your legal delivery need it is taken care of on time every time.

Court Filing Services

Court Filing

We specialize in same day and rush court filings all over the United States. We can meet your filing deadline no matter what.
Document Retrieval Services

Document Retrieval

For all those documents that aren't available online our legal couriers can retrieve all your records and documents from any trial or case.

Whether you require a same day court filing, delivery of court records, or delivery to a judge’s chambers we can take care of it. Our legal courier team is experienced and familiar with the legal process, and they know where to go, who to see, and what to do when it comes to any legal deliveries you may have.

Our Advantages

No matter what your legal courier or delivery service needs are Reliable Couriers has you covered. We have helped thousands of lawyers and law firms with all of their delivery needs and they continue to use us because we offer advantages that other legal couriers do not. This includes:

Trained Legal Couriers
Each of our legal couriers is trained to be knowledgeable about court procedure and where the clerks are in each court.
Open 24/7
If you have a filing that has to be done first in the morning, contact at any time of day.
National Presence
We have legal couriers all over the nation that can file and retrieve documents from any municipal, district, federal, criminal, probate, bankruptcy, and civil court.
Courtesy Copy Delivery
We offer same day paper copy filing delivery after your e-filing to make sure that your case gets filed correctly.
Printing Services Available
We can print any filing that you may have, regardless of the number of pages and file it promptly with the court.
Rush Legal Courier Services
We make sure your last minute filings and document retrievals are completed in as little as under 60 minutes.

Where We Deliver

We work with paralegals, attorneys, licensed investigators and government organizations all across North America and are familiar with the legal process and make sure our legal delivery process lives up to expectations. Even if you have a last minute filing or need court staging of records we can get it taken care of, usually in under 60 minutes with our rush legal courier service. Give us a call for a free quote for your legal courier and delivery needs.