Tips for Terminating Remote Employees Correctly and Empathically

May 5, 2022

In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, it can be tricky to terminate a remote employee properly. Remote employees are a reasonably new concept and seem here to stay. Not having any physical or in-person communication with your remote employee can make terminating them quite challenging. This is because there are no physical or verbal cues to interpret if the employee fully understands what you are trying to communicate. We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to complete the termination process as smoothly as possible, all while being empathic to the employees and ensuring things remain cordial.

Step 1.
Communication should be clear, precise, and documented from day one. It is hard for remote employees to know if they are performing how they should, so having constant communication with them is vital. Goals are essential during termination. Avoiding miscommunications will help the process.

Step 2.
In the unfortunate event that a company does have to terminate an employee, it is essential to remember how to handle the situation appropriately. The first thing you will want to do is inform your IT department. This allows them to remove the employee’s access before the separation meeting and avoid hiccups. Next, you want to be prepared. During the termination process, you will want to have access to any vital documentation so that it is handy during the video call. Following this, you will want to schedule the termination call. Scheduling the termination call should be done earlier in the day to avoid any unnecessary anxiety it may cause and give the employee the bad feeling of having worked the entire day. During the phone call, you will want to make sure you begin with empathy. Understanding the employee’s tone and body language during the video call will help you to know if the employee fully understands what you are saying. Lastly, you will want to notify the rest of the staff of the termination. Employees often have created a bond with one another, so it is natural for many to have a different reaction to the separation. It is crucial to get ahead of this and make sure you set the employee’s tone positive after the termination.

Step 3.
Pick-up day is another significant and stressful part of terminating an employee. The hassle of setting a date, delivering packaging supplies to the employee, and scheduling a shipping date for an employee who has to return the equipment on their own time and dime, can cause a lot of unnecessary tension and grief. With our experienced couriers, we will pick up the employee’s equipment from their home, securely package and transport it, and deliver it to the company on the same day. Our Same-day remote employee equipment courier service removes all the hassles for you and your employees.