Same-Day Delivery: Winning the Shipping Wars

September 14, 2020

You’ve seen the biggest players in the shipping business and what they can do. Companies such as Amazon have made an impressive name for themselves because of services such as their Prime Delivery. When they started offering their two-day shipping services and later their Amazon Prime Now same-day delivery, the shipping landscape has changed in ways that would affect the future of shipping forever. Now, in order to remain competitive in this Age of Amazon, it is more important than ever to offer shipping services that can match or possibly outperform the massive service capabilities of the e-commerce giant.

Out-competing in the Age of Amazon

While Amazon has its massive infrastructure to lean on to ensure that its deliveries are made, mid-size and smaller services can still find ways to complete through further optimization and using the most efficient methods possible to deliver their goods to their customers. But to pull this off, one might have to adapt to something beyond traditional methods of delivery such as FedEx, UPS, or the USPS.

In a survey, by Forbes Insights Report, of over 700,000 businesses, they found that:

  • About 65% of all of their packages were delivered via US carriers.
  • Over 90% of these businesses have been using the same delivery and shipping method for 4+ years.

With this information, it’s clear that if you want your business to claim its slice of the pie and beat all the competition vying for what’s left behind, you’ll need a creative solution. That’s when a third-party same-day delivery service can provide you a competitive edge over those using more traditional shipping methods.

Up Your Shipping Game with Reliable Couriers

With Reliable Couriers, you can gain the competitive edge with a shipping solution that provides more than just same-day delivery services. Here’s some of the ways that Reliable Couriers can both streamline your product deliveries and provide you with an advantage in efficiency that traditional methods simply don’t provide:

  • 24/7 service means you can get your products delivered on the same day at any time that your customers want to buy your product. Perfect especially when customers see your must-buy deals and offerings!
  • Our diverse fleet of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to freight trucks capable of moving 10,000 pounds of material, all means that we can deliver any product of any weight and size. Whatever you need shipped, we’ll make sure it reaches the destination on time!
  • When we say rush courier delivery, we mean rush! On the same day, you can get a product delivered in as quick as an hour. We also offer 3-hour delivery and half-day delivery services—no matter which one, your customers will be pleased to know that they can get their products on the same day.
  • All of our rush courier services have upfront pricing that doesn’t change, so that you’ll always know what you’re paying.
  • Delivery guarantees offer peace of mind for you and your customers.

Whether it’s for customers who do last-minute shopping during the holidays or for customers who just want their products quick, having a reliable same-day delivery courier is key to retaining recurring customers and gaining new ones. From delivery guarantees to having the fleet size to handle high-volume shipping periods such as during the holiday season, Reliable Couriers can make sure your business is prepared for the customers you have and the customers that you will have!

Give us a call or check out our website to learn more on how Reliable Couriers can give you the competitive edge you need to climb to the top in the shipping industry.