Reliable Couriers Remains Open Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

September 7, 2020

By now, you are all doubtless aware of the coronavirus pandemic that has enveloped the globe. We have all seen the news reports, all stocked up on supplies, all heard the pleas from government and public health officials for nonessential personnel to stay inside.

We consider it a privilege to continue serving our clients even in the midst of a global health crisis and put the safety of our drivers and our clients first!

For those of us in positions deemed essential, however, the global economy is still moving at a lightning pace. Here at Reliable Couriers, we consider it a privilege to continue serving our clients even in the midst of a global health crisis. We know that our clients’ important deliveries — which include urgent medical and legal matters — simply cannot wait.

Delivery services remain crucial to basic human necessities, such as groceries and the food chain generally. People who remain confined to their quarters still need to eat, to wear clothes, to heal disease and injury, and to repair their homes. They need entertainment to distract them from circumstances that might otherwise make them listless.

How is our firm managing? We have taken our cue from the Chinese couriers, who, acting under the supervision of the nation’s authorities, have implemented a system of contact-free deliveries and payments. This means that shipments may be dropped off in prearranged boxes or containers to minimize the chances of infection spread through human contact. Payment is likewise accepted through only digital means, halting disease communication in its tracks.

Reliable Couriers is not alone in implementing these measures, but as always, we strive to remain in the forefront. The market for logistical services is always changing, and we likewise must change with it, adopting whatever new technologies or methods are necessary to serve our customers. The COVID-19 crisis is no different.

Despite — and because — of the global pandemic, it is crucial that important cargo get to its destination promptly.
Our clients’ logistical needs, which are often directly tied to medicine and health care, are even more critical in the current environment. That is why our firm will spare no expense and brook no delay in moving cargo quickly and efficiently.

Safety is no less a concern for us than speed.
Reliable Couriers puts the safety of our drivers and our clients at the top of our list of priorities. We provide all our drivers with personal protection equipment (PPE), which includes masks, sanitizers, and gloves.

We believe that all these measures together — contactless payment, PPE for our drivers, and the same integrity and commitment to client service that have defined our brand since the beginning — will keep satisfying our clients’ needs while stopping the coronavirus cold. In a time of great uncertainty and danger, Reliable Couriers’ commitment to safe service is something people can count on!