When You Need Temperature-Controlled Shipping

January 27, 2021

From life-saving healthcare items like pharmaceuticals to perishable goods like frozen foods, there’s a plethora of reasons why you may need temperature-controlled shipping to ensure the safe transportation of your packages. With specialized temperature-controlled shipping, all of these delicate and sensitive items can be delivered while being kept safe in their original state. Here are some of the things you will need to consider, so that your temperature-controlled shipments will go smoothly.

Temperature-Controlled Packaging

The most basic packaging for temperature-controlled shipping usually involves insulated foam and plastic packaging, box packaging that works to help contain the chill or heated temperatures of your packages. But this type of packaging alone will only work for so long and across a limited distance and time. For greater distances, lengthier delivery times, or if your packages must remain at a very strict and small range of temperatures, it is highly recommended to use added packaging elements such as dry ice, cold gel packs, or electric heating blankets.

Items That Need Temperature-Controlled Shipping

There are all sorts of items that may need temperature-controlled shipping. If you have any of these items that need to be delivered to another location, it is highly recommended that you consult a courier service to learn more about temperature-controlled shipping options.

  • Medical Specimens
  • Sensitive pharmaceuticals like vaccines
  • Frozen grocery items to be sold at a store
  • Refrigerated grocery items to be sold at a store
  • Hot food catering
  • And more!

Any item that typically needs to be maintained at a temperature well-above or well-below room temperature in order to remain in good and useable condition should be considered for temperature-controlled shipping so that the integrity of the item does not become compromised.

Understand the Rules and Regulations

Even when perishable or temperature-controlled goods and items can be shipped, there are rules to follow that can affect how and whether you can even ship the item. For example, if you’re shipping medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, or potentially biohazardous materials—they will likely be subject to restrictions by both the FDA, DEA, and possibly federal hazardous materials regulations. Also worthy of note is that dry ice is technically a hazardous material and is subject to certain rules based on how much of it is being utilized in your packaging.

Are You Monitoring Your Temperature-Sensitive Packages?

When you’re shipping temperature-sensitive goods that can greatly be impacted by fluctuations in temperature, it is imperative that you use a temperature-monitoring device to remotely keep track of your items and their temperatures. This is particularly important for items like medical specimens and pharmaceuticals, where a change in temperature could render the item unviable or even dangerous to use.

Keep Your Temperature-Sensitive Goods Safe with Reliable Couriers

Whatever sensitive items you might need to ship, Reliable Couriers has a same day delivery service that can be the perfect fit for your delivery needs. We feature temperature-controlled options for all our rush courier services, including our popular, specialized medical courier services.

With our versatile fleet of vehicles, we can take on deliveries of any size while still providing a proper controlled environment for your sensitive packages so that they reach their destinations within the same day and in their original and proper state.

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