Truckload (TL) Versus LTL Shipments

January 29, 2021

In the world of freight shipping, you may encounter two types of shipments: Truckload and Less Than Truckload. These two types of freight shipping carry their own pros and cons for shipping your precious freight and understanding these may help you make an informed choice for all your important packages and freight.

Before we get into the details, here are just some of the common deciding factors that you may have already considered:

  • Cargo weight and dimensions
  • The type of cargo you are having shipped
  • The special circumstances or delivery service you may be using for your cargo

But these are just the first set of variables. Here are the main differences between full Truckload (TL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) that may help you finalize your decision before you ship!

Full Truckload (TL) Freight Shipping

It’s all in the name! A full Truckload freight shipping service involves the use of a truck’s entire capacity for the safe, speedy, and professional shipment of your packages and freight. Here are some of the more specific reasons why you might elect to use Truckload (TL) shipping:

  • You have enough cargo to fill the entire truck, making full use of the truck’s carrying capacity.
  • You might prefer to have the whole truck to yourself and your freight, so that no one else’s packages may get mixed up.
  • The weight of your cargo might make Truckload (TL) shipping more cost-effective versus Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Your cargo shipment is very time sensitive and you can’t wait for the truck to make other stops for other people’s packages.

These are just some of the more popular reasons for why Truckload (TL) freight shipping may be the right fit for you! By using full Truckload (TL) shipping, you may also benefit from virtually having a dedicated truck and courier to you and your packages alone—this means fewer stops for your freight and a greatly decreased chance of damage to your cargo due to extra handling or accidental incidents. Your delivery times will be more accurate as well, since the freight courier does not have to attend to anyone else’s shipments.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping

Sometimes Less Than Truckload might be what you’re looking for, depending on the circumstances. If you tend to ship far less than 10,000 pounds of cargo freight, you could save some money by having your freight ride with the cargo of other clients. But you will need to take extra precautions should you choose LTL freight shipping. Because your cargo will be riding with other materials and items, there is an increased chance of potential damage due to items shifting around, extra handling, and extra stops. Measures should be taken to better protect your goods, whether they’re crated, palletized, or consolidated in any other way.

Keep Your Freight Moving Fast and Securely with Reliable Couriers

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