Last minute changes to your same day delivery

February 5, 2023

Everyone has run into the issue; plans get altered, times change, and everything is going differently than planned for your event or delivery. Sometimes this can pose a lot of problems not only for individuals but businesses as well. So how can a same day courier service help with these unexpected last-minute changes?

Change of address:

Mistakes can happen with addresses; whether there was a typo in the business or house number or the street’s name needed to be clarified between east or west, Reliable couriers are here to help. No matter where your package may have been accidentally delivered, our delivery drivers can pick it up and get it to the correct address.

In some situations, the delivery has yet to be made, but the address has changed. Our team is available to take your call and make the change 24/7 to assist you with the change of address.

Vehicle accommodation:

Sometimes you think a pallet will fit within a cargo van, but it just doesn’t make it; you don’t have to worry. Our team will dispatch the necessary vehicle to accommodate the dimensions of your packages. Reliable couriers have an entire fleet of vehicles capable of transporting anything from a small envelope to 10,000 pounds of palletized freight without sedans, cargo vans, and box trucks with lift gates.

Time delays:

When a delivery is not ready for pick up, or the location for drop off requires a wait, Reliable couriers can cater to it. For a small fee, our delivery drivers will wait the extra time necessary to save you time and the additional charge of rehiring an entirely new courier. We know that time delays happen; our delivery drivers have been in the industry for years, understand things can be out of your control, and have no issue waiting additional time.

Pickup and return:

Often, a package may require a ‘return to sender’ for medical or legal documents that require signatures. At Reliable couriers, we offer return trip services to accommodate your courier needs. Our couriers can pick up, retrieve signatures, and return to the pickup location, all in a rush manner.

Our pick-up and return service may also be helpful in situations where an item may have been delivered to a location where it is no longer necessary. In this case, we can contact our delivery driver and turn them around to return to you immediately.

Loading and Unloading:

Unfortunately, some last minute changes in plans mean not having the manpower necessary to load or unload a delivery. However, with reliable couriers, our delivery drivers can assist loading and unloading. For larger deliveries, we have box trucks with lift gates on our fleet capable of transporting 10,000 pounds of palletized cargo.

Tolls and fees:

During last minute deliveries, many tolls or hidden fees may occur. At Reliable couriers, we make it clear what we are charging before we ever charge you for any tolls or fees that may incur during your last minute delivery.

Whether you have a change in delivery times, vehicle accommodations, or location, Reliable couriers can cater to your needs. If your last minute change of plans requires a pickup and delivery of food for a party, a passport for travel plans, or a laptop for work, our delivery drivers perform same day deliveries at different rates of speed. Some of our rates of speed include rush, 1-hour, 4-hour, next flight out, or same day delivery. Our couriers are available 24/7 to make all of your last minute delivery needs.

Call (888) 415-1781 or complete our obligation-free online request form and find out how we can solve your last minute change of plans.