Couriers in the Age of COVID

February 4, 2022

It is no secret that the past two years have seen great hardships. We have all watched in anguish as a deadly new illness washed over the planet’s surface, killing and hospitalizing millions and throwing economies into disarray.

Yet in these dark times, new heroes have stepped forward to protect us. Medical professionals are, of course, the most prominent of our defenders, but hitherto overlooked essential workers in more ordinary lines of work are receiving recognition too – warehouse workers, grocery and convenience store personnel, and transportation workers.


Drivers first gained public recognition during the early days of the pandemic when lockdowns were declared by governments throughout the world. Severe shortages of basic necessities, notably toilet paper, were experienced. Delivery drivers were crucial to the delivery of food, toiletries, and medicine during this period.

This period also witnessed severe disruptions to the medical system and businesses. Professional couriers, operating at enormous personal risk, were crucial to the delivery of key documents and packages that helped businesses adjust to the new reality. With physical meetings and interactions severely hampered, these deliveries helped businesses keep their organizations in place and their operations moving forward.

Medical Deliveries

Testing is at the heart of the battle against COVID. Yet the lockdowns and post-lockdown restrictions made it difficult for people to venture out to testing sites. Services like Reliable

Couriers have played a crucial role in connecting Americans to the testing facilities, picking up samples on site or at a testing center and delivering it promptly to the lab for same-day results.

The training and certification required of professional couriers was essential to this work. Drivers had to wear PPE properly and follow procedures to the letter to minimize the risk of infection and keep themselves and their clients safe. The deliveries had to be completed swiftly and the tests protected from damage or corruption.

Speed and safety are the courier’s watchwords, but they have proven even more essential to the fight against the pandemic. In addition, professional couriers afforded people the peace of mind that comes from being able to track their packages easily. Couriers are available 24 hours a day for these critical deliveries.

Even beyond COVID testing, courier services have connected citizens to a health care system taxed to its limit by the pandemic. Tests, samples, and specimens, medications and equipment had to be transported to and from citizens with great care and haste. Diabetics still needed their insulin, and elders still needed pills and walking aids. Couriers provided them with a lifeline to these vital products and services.

Going Forward

We would like to think that the worst days of the pandemic are behind us and that a brighter day is dawning. Here at Reliable Couriers, we are proud to have been part of the solution. With COVID contained, the world can get fully back in business, and we will be there working with them as we always have, building a new and better world.