Same Day Delivery

Top 10 Reasons for Using a Courier Service

January 26, 2022

When it comes to delivering packages and documents, there are many options in this high-tech, 21st century world. Why should these sensitive deliveries be entrusted to a professional courier service instead of a national carrier? We can think of the top 10 reasons to use a courier service:

1. Speed. Everyone is used to next day delivery, but there are certain businesses or individuals that can’t wait the 24 hours to get their products or goods delivered. Couriers will typically offer same day delivery services or rush courier services within an hour to a few hours. This gives clients the convenience of ultra fast transportation of products. This can apply to things like medical deliveries (such as specimens and samples), legal deliveries (legal briefs and filings), parts that are essential for your business such as running a warehouse, etc. Deliveries that are of utmost importance usually can’t wait the 24 hours it takes to deliver their packages through conventional means, would greatly benefit from a courier service. Working at a much quicker speed, couriers can move parcels from and to institutions of all kinds, from retail outlets to office, factories, hospitals, and many more.

2. Reliability. Couriers are local partners whose business thrives on reputation. They build direct, face to face relationships with their partners. Courier services can be customized to each client’s particular needs, and clients can be kept in the loop at every step of the way. If anything goes wrong with the delivery, the client can rest assured they will be informed of it promptly, as well as of the measures being taken to fix the situation. In short, professional couriers offer personalized partnership.

3. Communication & Tracking. If you ship your package with a national carrier or one of the big 3 (Fed Ex, USPS, or UPS) then you are usually going to reach a national number with very little support or communication. Since most couriers are local or regional they have great communication and live tracking for their drivers. Also when you dial their local offices they can get you an update on the status of your package right away, and if there are any problems they can give you a call and email you in order to make it right. Most national delivery companies do not have the flexibility in order to contact their driver right away and relay information as quickly, and will usually mark your package as undeliverable or will attempt the next day.

4.Safety & Reduced Liability. Couriers provide a direct route from a package’s origin to its destination, minimizing the chances of an accident or disruption as well as the amount of handling that packages are exposed to. Courier drivers are trained, certified, and insured, and subject to careful background checks to make sure they are fit for service. Each driver invests the maximum of care and attention in each package, making certain it is picked up, transported, and handed off with due consideration. Furthermore, courier services will carry cargo insurance which reduces your liability of your package getting damaged during shipment. Couriers are typically covered by comprehensive insurance policies that cover the costs of lost or damaged items, including cargo insurance that they are required to carry. They also reduce a client’s exposure by eliminating the client’s need for in-house fleets and deliveries. More to the point, couriers are logistical experts who put enormous thought and care into each shipment. Liability becomes much less of an issue when a job is done right, especially if your delivery is a hot shot or direct delivery.

5. Ease of Use for Scheduling Deliveries. This goes hand in hand with communications. Most courier services now have apps that you can use, or if it is easier to call and explain your delivery and situation they have live people that you can call to get a quote. This cuts down on mistakes and misunderstandings and makes sure that your same day delivery goes according to plan. You can also tell them more detailed instructions in terms of who the contact is at the pick up and delivery, and any further instructions in terms of where to go. Once you schedule a courier service to pick up your package and deliver it you will realize there is a big difference that makes scheduling your delivery much easier than just typing in a pick up and delivery address with a national carrier.

6. Economical. Courier services are usually local organizations with lower costs and smaller logistics networks than large, national chains. They can pass along the savings to their clients, offering a wide variety of pricing plans to suit a range of particular needs. Couriers are competitive, lightweight organizations that can cut costs without compromising on quality. Also couriers companies will have drivers in your area and might already be routed in the area and can pick up your package and complete your delivery not only quicker but more cost effective than other delivery services.

7. Fewer Restrictions on Package Size and Weight. Large, commercial delivery companies will seldom transport very large or unusually shaped items. However, most professional couriers will. This is due to a diversity of a courier’s fleet of vehicles, including box trucks and straight trucks with lift gates, cargo vans, and sedans. This allows a courier service to be flexible, on top of the fact that their box trucks and straights trucks do not need to be full to start making deliveries gives you almost infinite possibilities in terms of dimensions and weight of packages that need to be delivered. The lack of parcel size and shape restrictions is one of the chief advantages of a courier service.

8. Scheduling. A professional courier service enables clients to carefully schedule when packages are picked up and dropped off. Normally larger carriers or delivery services can not schedule a time for pick up within an hour time frame, while courier services do that on a regular basis. With a large national chain you are looking at a half day or all day time window for picking up and delivering, while a courier service is flexible enough to schedule an exact time or an hour time frame for pick up and for delivery. Time is money, and untimely shipments can cost businesses a lot of it. Couriers can give much more precise pickup and drop-off timetables that are compatible with an organization’s schedule and enable it to conduct its affairs without distraction or interruption.

9. Support. Couriers can often bolster their clients’ operations though more than just package deliveries. They can support a customer’s entire logistics network, offering warehouse facilities and other services that bring a business closer to its vendors, partners, and customers. Also if there are any problems during your delivery courier services have processes in place to mitigate or solve those problems on the spot while they are occurring.

10. Customer satisfaction. Most importantly of all, a courier can help its clients serve their clients by ensuring the safe and speedy delivery of goods, or simply by helping companies better integrate their supply chain and manage vital documents. A courier is a silent partner that helps firms establish a reputation for efficiency and reliability so they can retain and build their customer base.

Here at Reliable Couriers, we believe we can offer our clients all these advantages as well as a solid foundation of skill and experience. We do what it takes to make sure packages are delivered on time, every time. Contact us today if you have a time sensitive or same day delivery need at 888-415-1781.