How Couriers Support COVID Labs

February 8, 2022

It is no secret that the medical profession has been brave and effective in its fight against COVID, and also no secret that, alas, it has been placed under enormous strain. Its resources and manpower are spread thin, and its intrepid and knowledgeable personnel have endured long hours and serious personal risks.

No one would deny that our medical professionals are the heroes of the hour. Nevertheless, there are some unsung behind-the-scenes players whose support has been indispensable to the medical profession during its time of need.

What Labs Need

Professional medical couriers are vital to the ordinary daily operations of a medical laboratory, and triply so during a pandemic. Labs rely on couriers to make STAT deliveries of crucial supplies and samples, including urine and blood tests, biopsies, and diagnostic specimens.

Labs also need safe and efficient transportation of medicines and chemicals, specialized equipment, and organs and tissues. These things are all fairly urgent under normal circumstances, but during the pandemic, COVID-specific deliveries added to the normal strain on the laboratories’ supply chains.

What Couriers Give Labs

As mentioned, couriers make routine STAT deliveries for labs. We’ve all heard the term ‘STAT’ from TV. Coming from the Latin ‘statim’ for ‘immediate’, it means that an action has been given the highest priority possible since lives and health are at stake.

In addition to speed, professional couriers offer proper training and certification. Each driver is fully OSHA and HIPAA certified and DOT compliant. Drivers are well-versed in medical terminology and understand the complex packing and handling requirements of delicate medical deliveries. They are also well equipped with and trained in the complex equipment needed to stabilize and secure medical specimens.

Service and Dependability

Professional couriers are fully bonded and insured. They build established relationships with labs built on a solid reputation of reliability and trust. They move safely as well as quickly twenty-four hours a day, ensuring that deliveries are handed off carefully through an established and fully documented chain of custody.

A good courier helps labs maintain their own relationships with their patients, partners, and vendors, establishing their own brand as one of professionalism and dependability. This foundation of mutual reliability is enhanced by real-time tracking software and signing confirmation, a necessity for peace of mind and efficiency in the 21st century.


Professional courier services like Reliable Couriers are honored to support the work of medical laboratories in this trying time. We take our responsibilities very seriously. The training and certification, licensing and bonding, the high-tech equipment and carefully built professional relationships are all crucial to supporting the work of our laboratory partners. We are proud to offer labs our professionalism, knowledgeability, efficiency, and integrity.