10 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Same Day Delivered

October 5, 2020

There are many things that you could find yourself needing last minute, some that could be crucial either to your business or your personal life. A lot of people may think that important and vital deliveries often mean lengthy, bureaucratic processing times and even longer transportation, or perhaps, that a certain item cannot be delivered in a quick fashion, these days that is just not the case. Nowadays, there usually can be found a quick, same-day delivery solution, especially with the right courier service. Here’s ten things that you didn’t know could be same day delivered, making your life a little quicker and easier!

1. Legal Documents

From court summons to petitions and countless other legal documents, life can unexpectedly hold you up when you’ve important legal business to attend to. But there are same day delivery solutions that can ensure that your legal documents reach the right courthouse or office, with legal courier services that allow you to even email them certain documents so that they can get your documents straight to the destination.

2. Title Paperwork

For one reason or another, you may need to send out your title paperwork. Whether you’re applying for a title or sending it off to formalize a transfer of ownership, you can actually have it delivered for you through the use of specialized courier services.

3. Perishables

There are quite a few delivery services that not only handle other packages, but even perishables such as food! Whether you need an edible decoration delivered to a special someone, or you’re just craving some outside food while at work, same day (and often, same hour) food delivery has been trending for some years now and has really taken off. But that’s not the only perishable out there. Aquarium enthusiasts will be glad to know that even tropical fish can be delivered!

4. Alcohol Deliveries

While not all states have relaxed their laws, the year 2020 has seen many states increase the leeway for restaurants and other food businesses to deliver alcohol to the households of customers. But there are some differences. Some states such as Florida allow the transport and delivery of all kinds of spirits. Meanwhile, states like Ohio permit the delivery of beer and wine. Depending on your state, you can have your favorite alcoholic beverages delivered straight to you!

5. Medical Specimens

From drug test samples to blood and tissue samples, without these being delivered to laboratories across the country, many processes in both the work force and the medical industry would grind to a halt. Having same day delivery for medical specimens can ensure that these processes aren’t placed in limbo.

6. Retail and Same Day Delivery

As the war for e-commerce dominance continues, retailers all around are adopting same day delivery services in order to maintain an edge and grow their consumer base. Along with the usual items such as groceries and health items, you can even get same day delivery for things such as exercise equipment and even appliances for your kitchen. Come to realize that your mattress is feeling a little off? You can even get a new one later in the day!

7. Need a Ride?

These days, almost nothing is beyond same day delivery. Even cars can now be same day delivered by certain courier services and sellers! Whether your vehicle was recently wrecked or you’re just getting the new year’s model, you can have it almost as fast as you can drive them!
Construction Equipment

You would think something as potentially large and bulky as construction equipment and mass amounts of construction materials would take some time to prepare and transport. But you can actually get either of these through same day delivery with the right courier service! Yes, even vehicles!

8. The Laundromat that Comes to You

Same day delivery has gotten pretty creative these days. While you can get a laundry machine same day delivered to you by certain couriers and retailers, you can also have your laundry picked up by certain services and have it delivered back to you on the same day. How more convenient can life get?

9. On-the-Go Wardrobe

When you need a new look, it’s now possible to get exactly the pieces you need without ever leaving your home—or waiting too long! Thanks to the speed of the internet and the organization of e-commerce platforms these days, there are many couriers and retail services that can deliver your new clothes, both casual and high-end lines, so that you’ll have the look you want when you need it. Isn’t technology amazing?

10. Same Day Courier Service

Whether it’s a hefty 10,000 pounds of palletized materials, an envelope of legal documents, medical specimens, or a favorite entrée from your favorite restaurant, it’s a job for the experts at ReliableCouriers. With our rush courier services being available 24/7, you can always count on us when you need us. Call us or check out our website for more information on how ReliableCouriers can help you keep up with life’s demands!