What is a STAT Medical Delivery?

December 14, 2022

STAT delivery couriers are becoming increasingly in demand, even since before the COVID-19 pandemic. STAT medical deliveries are a much-needed service and have only received more awareness since the pandemic. As a result, many medical facilities now prefer these services over regular courier systems, and here’s why.

What is a STAT medical delivery?

A STAT medical delivery can also be a same day, rush, or emergency delivery. However, most courier services have it, frequently known as STAT deliveries. The main difference between STAT delivery and emergency delivery is that the term emergency delivery is typically used for corporate businesses, whereas STAT deliveries specify the medical industry.

The reason STAT is used most of the time for medical deliveries is because hospitals use the term STAT to indicate something is needed or needs to be done as quickly as possible. Like many medical terms, the word STAT is no different; stemming from the root word “statim” meaning “immediately” in Latin, medical facilities everywhere have adopted the phrase STAT. The word STAT gives whatever is required the highest priority of need. This is why couriers have adopted STAT medical deliveries as one of their services.

STAT deliveries are used most of the time because a patient’s treatment depends upon them being delivered as quickly as possible. Many situations can include organs, antidotes (for venom), and specimens, as they all require quick and secure transport for the item’s integrity. Another reason someone may need a STAT medical delivery is for medical equipment to be transported to an emergency or disaster zone where treatments are required on location. Many times cargo vans and box trucks will need to be used to get the large amounts of equipment needed to the zone.

While ground transportation is used, air transport is the primary mode of delivery in many cases; air transport is quicker than ground transportation, which is why many STAT medical delivery couriers offer Next-flight-out (NFO) services. Ground transport is still used in some cases as it may be quicker between two hospitals in a city. Whichever option results in a faster delivery will be used.

Who would need a STAT delivery?

  • Hospitals are the primary clients for using STAT deliveries. Doctors will utilize this service to get equipment or items needed in a procedure.
  • Medical labs will also utilize a medical courier to transport specimens to their final destinations.
  • Individuals can also utilize this service if they require medication or a prescription and cannot pick it up themselves physically.
  • In many cases, STAT deliveries are used by hospice. Hospice prefers using STAT medical couriers to get the medical treatments they need for their patients and to make them as comfortable as possible as soon as possible. Hospice could be located at a long-term care facility or inside a patient’s home; either way, same day medical couriers make it possible for nurses to give their patients quality care as quickly as possible. With STAT delivery services, patients can choose between remaining in their homes or a long-term care facility.

What goes into a STAT delivery

  • 1. Secure – State couriers are trained in medical deliveries and know how fragile they can be. Relying on the average third-party courier service means you risk having your shipment lost, damaged, stolen, or late. STAT delivery drivers are equipt to transport all medical deliveries promptly no matter the time of day.
  • 2. Temperature-controlled cargo – A lot of times, STAT medical deliveries require transportation with climate control to keep the integrity of a parcel. Standard courier services do not offer this. Our fleet of vehicles can handle your shipping needs in a rush delivery 24/7.
  • 3. Urgent deliveries – Urgent deliveries are not uncommon in the medical field and require medical supplies, records, or specimens to be delivered as quickly as possible. When an emergency happens, medical professionals must have access to the supplies and tools they require to perform life-saving and changing surgeries. Our team of trained professionals is local to their areas and can get these urgent deliveries wherever.
  • 4. Time-Sensitive Deliveries – Some medical deliveries are not urgent but still need to be completed on time. We offer same day and rush delivery services to cater to this specific need. In addition, any medical reports, X-rays, or exams that need to be physically delivered to and from hospitals, labs, or family practices, can be delivered by us.
  • 5. Confidentiality – Regarding confidentiality, you can trust our team of STAT medical couriers. Our medical delivery drivers are trained in OSHA and HIPAA guidelines and regulations and will keep your sensitive documents safe and secure at all times.

What we offer

We at reliable couriers handle all of our delivery requests with urgency, care, and confidentiality. We understand your delivery’s importance and can ensure your package is in the best Hands with our trained and experienced delivery professionals. They are dedicated to providing all your STAT delivery needs are met.