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California’s largest earthquake in 3 years

December 21, 2022

The largest earthquake California has seen in nearly three years struck Northern California with a 6.4 magnitude. Northern California residents reportedly felt about 80 aftershocks of the earthquake. Officials say this is a strong indicator of a potential earthquake occurring next week at a level 5 magnitude. In addition to the chances of a magnitude 5 quake occurring, the US Geological Survey’s most recent aftershock forecast adds, “there is a more than 99% chance of magnitude 3 and above aftershocks within the next week, and it is most likely that 5 to 24 of these will occur.”

To help clean up and recovery teams, people are asked to boil water in their homes for drinking. According to CNN, “The Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services put out boil water advisories for the cities of Rio Dell and Fortuna, specifically the Forest Hills subdivision. The advisories were in conjunction with several other county agencies, including the health department. County officials are asking everyone in those areas to boil water for at least one minute before drinking it or using it to cook.”

Some areas have portable water available to those affected in the area, including Rio Dell Fire Hall, 50 West Center Street, Rio Dell, Rohner Park Pavilion, and 9 Park Street, Fortuna. For those unable to access fresh water or travel to these locations themselves, same day courier services are available for hire to pick up water and deliver it to your home. These couriers are also available to deliver any other needs to the community, including food, perishables, and medical supplies to first responders. Nearly 68% of Humboldt County is without power, and keeping these items for long can prove challenging. This is why Reliable courier services are here to help.