Why Add Same Day Delivery to Your Supply Chain?

October 22, 2020

Whether you’re just starting your business, or you already have one established, you might or might not have a same day delivery solution to help with your supply chain. But no logistics solution is perfect. Having a same day rush courier can be incredibly useful for your business, especially when one of your traditional deliverers runs into a complication. Even better, having a same day delivery solution can make for an excellent addition or replacement of an original part of your supply chain. Here are some of the reasons why a same day delivery solution can be essential to your business supply chain.

Quick Solutions to Supply Chain Problems

It happens, sometimes a part of your supply chain gets stuck, delayed, or even lost, and your business might be in absolute need of something. With a same day delivery courier solution, you can make sure that you have the means to get what you need within the same day, sometimes within an hour if the supplier is not too far. It doesn’t have to even be for small packages only—there are rush couriers capable of transporting anything from small boxes to 10,000 pounds of palletized materials. This can be especially important if you have packages coming in through an airport or needing to leave by airport. Rush couriers often have the knowledge to know which airlines will provide next day air for outgoing packages, meanwhile they’re very prompt when picking up packages that are arriving in, meaning your deliveries hit the road quicker and reach you faster.

Delivery Guarantees

Same day delivery couriers also have features such as delivery guarantees. Most traditional delivery solutions don’t guarantee a delivery, resulting in the chance of either delays or completely losing your packages. These delivery guarantees are made possible by how a same day delivery courier uses bonded drivers who will transport only your packages, ensuring that your delivery is their sole focus and all calculations are made to ensure a timely delivery. With the help of GPS guidance and bonded drivers that are experts of your area, you can feel easier when your deliveries are being handled by a rush courier service.

COVID-19 Preparedness

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to escalate, it is more important than ever that proper measures are taken to minimize the risk of COVID spread. Professional rush courier services feature drivers that wear the proper PPE such as masks, face shields, and gloves. With the proper PPE, it minimizes the chance of COVID spread for both the driver and you, and of course, it keeps your packages clean. You may notice that a courier may even have acrylic screens installed on their truck. Then there’s contactless delivery. Rush courier drivers are well aware of how contactless delivery can further fight the risk of COVID spread. By delivering the package or packages to a location at your business, the driver can then alert you, either by text, email, a phone call, or ringing a doorbell before leaving the premises. That way, you’ll be free of the risk of any COVID transmission by droplets being breathed out if the driver had been there, and it also keeps the driver safe as well. It’s all about taking care of one another!

Keep Your Business Running Smooth with Reliable Couriers

In times like these, it is vital to not only ensure that your business keeps running properly but that your business is run as safely as possible. At Reliable Couriers, our bonded drivers use only the best practices in health safety while also maintaining our tradition of quick and timely delivery. No matter what kind of packages you need to keep your business running, from hot coffee for the morning to 10,000 pounds of palletized freight for your warehouse, Reliable Couriers can get the job done. Call us or check out our website for more information on how Reliable Couriers can keep your business running smoothly while doing our part to keep the community safe from the dangers of this pandemic.