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Last Minute Wedding Items Delivery

February 22, 2023

Before your big day, a lot of planning needs to be done, and not everything is always remembered until the last minute. Here is a list of things you should remember to do before your big day as well as a list of items of regularly forgotten Items our couriers have delivered.

To-do list:


Here are some things you may not have thought of or will want to double-check the week(s) or day(s) before your wedding.

  • Transportation:
    • It is important that transportation and backup transportation are in place for the bridal couple, party, family, and any other important people or vendors.
  • Task assignments
    • Assign tasks to individuals so you can enjoy your big day. Someone to collect the gifts and cards, someone to hold your gown or fix your dress for photos, etc.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast
    • Eat a breakfast that will give you the energy to power through the day and one that your body is familiar with so it will not cause any complications or discomfort during the day.
  • Good Nights sleep
    • It can be hard to get to sleep with such an exciting day ahead, so be sure to do anything necessary to ensure you get to sleep at a decent time before your wedding.
  • Work
    • Once you have your wedding date, be sure to inform your employer or employees, depending on your situation, that work is fully covered during your absence.
    • Ensure your automatic email response is on that you are out of the office and your work and personal phone so you can enjoy your big day and honeymoon.
  • Shipping your dress
    • If your dress requires transportation to where you will be getting ready or having your wedding, it is important to schedule your wedding gown courier ahead of time and that you know how to ship your wedding dress correctly.
  • Write your speeches
    • Make sure you have your vows, reception speech, and or thank you speech prepared and written down or bullet-pointed in whatever manner makes you most comfortable.
  • Update passports
    • If your honeymoon is a destination to another country, ensure your passports are updated ahead of time, so there is no delay or prevention of your honeymoon.
  • Permissions and Access
    • Ensure before, during, and after the person that requires necessary access is granted permission to get through, such as to a hotel suite for a wedding photographer or parents to the private room before the wedding at the venue, etc.

Items to remember:


  • Card collection box
    • Many people today gift cash in wedding cards or gift cards, so the newlyweds have more freedom in purchasing what they need for their new home together. This means many cards could end up everywhere without a box to place them in.
  • Cash for vendor tips
    • If you have hired vendors to assist at your wedding, many of the cannot accept tips from your initial payment or credit card, or tipping on the credit card could take tax out of the worker’s tips, or cash is the only way tips may be given to vendors.
  • Cake cutting set
    • While many venues and catering companies may have what you need to cut your cake, the utensils may not look the greatest or match for photos. This is why you may want to pack your own set ahead of time.
  • Cake topper
    • Many times, a cake being transported will not be decorated until it arrives at the venue; in this case, the cake topper can be forgotten, lost, or damaged. Remember to bring your cake topper and have a backup one!
  • Gifts
    • If you plan to give gifts, do not forget them! Gifts for each other, parents, the wedding party, and even small party favors for those in attendance.
  • Marriage License
    • Oftentimes, people forget that photos of the bride’s dress and even of the groom’s suit will be taken prior to them getting dressed. You will want to be sure they are hung on hangers that will photograph well and show off your outfits for the big day.
  • Nice hangers
    • Do not forget to get your marriage license, and even have it present and displayed at the reception of your big day (even if it’s just a copy).
  • Pens
    • This may seem like a small item, but it is still important. Having many nice pens for guest book signings will enhance photos and help make names more legible for thank you letters.
  • Phone chargers
    • While it is not recommended to be on your phone during your big day and to really just enjoy the night, there are times you will want to document the night yourself, call those who could not make it, etc., and a low phone battery could prevent these from happening.
  • Printed copies of vows
    • Having backup copies of your vows in case they are damaged prior to or after the ceremony can help to preserve the written words of your love.
  • Reserved seating signs
    • Having signs on the front rows of chairs for the couple’s families to sit closest will prevent any confusion or other guests from sitting in their places.
  • Table numbers
    • Having visible numbers will help guests to locate their seating arrangements quicker and avoid any confusion and prevent there from not being enough seating.
  • Veil or special Jewelry
    • Whether it was your mother’s veil or your grandmother’s necklace, not having it there would feel like a special piece of you is missing on your big day.
  • Button-up shirt or robe
    • It is important to have an article of clothing on while getting ready so that you can take off to change without it going over your head, so it does not ruin your hair or smudge your makeup.

Should you remember to do all of these things on your to-do list and bring all the items for your big day, no one can predict the future, and you may still need some last-minute items delivered. Accidents happen, such as the cake falling over, decore breaking off or falling, the original catering service not being able to deliver the food, and so on. In these cases, Reliable couriers have got you covered and can help you as fast as one hour for all of these situations and more.

Our couriers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, and have access to our large fleet of vehicles to accommodate any last-minute wedding deliveries you may need. From sedans to deliver small items such as a wedding gown or the marriage license to box trucks with lift gates to deliver the tables and chairs for the wedding reception, our couriers can cater to you. Complete our obligation free online quote request form or call us today to receive immediate help with your last-minute wedding items delivery.