How a Shipping Company Can Reduce the Impact of COVID-19

November 20, 2020

COVID-19 has left a deep impact on us all. In fact, some predict it will have a greater effect on society than even the Spanish Flu of 1918. Every part of our economy has been affected, including retail, and more than ever people are using delivery services to get the products they need while minimizing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 vectors.

For the companies involved, preparing for the impact and effects of COVID-19 have been no small feat. But it is important to follow these steps to ensure that your company is as prepared as possible to help minimize the effects of COVID-19…

Have a Dedicated Emergency Team

Having a centralized emergency communications team as a brain center of sorts can be incredibly helpful, especially if you have operations that span the nation or even internationally. By using a dedicated communications team equipped with teleconferencing and team-chat capabilities such as Zoom or Slack, you can ensure that all your teams worldwide are fully informed while providing a perfect alternative to face-to-face meetings in this COVID-19 world.

Communication is Key for You and Your Staff

Keeping your employees informed is key to the safety of everyone involved. Information on proper safety procedures can help assure delivery drivers in the case of making home deliveries. Meanwhile, employees that might have to make trips to COVID hotspots can be better prepared when given all the information they need to ensure a safe stay while also helping them avoid misinformation that could lead to complications

Home Deliveries Will Increase

As COVID-19 continues to be a health risk around the world, home deliveries will continue to increase. Be prepared for the increased demand in using delivery services.

Prepare for Shipments from China Being Delayed

With COVID-19 and political tensions both, parcels being sent from China have either been stopped or slowed down for extra disinfection or other related reasons. A lot of it depends on where in China you’re having products delivered from. Make sure your customers are made aware of these delays, as this is out of your company’s control.

Prioritize Your Clients

From international delays to scarcity for certain products, you will need to prioritize your clients based on how they’ve been affected. COVID-19 has affected many Chinese-made products and many sales that were meant to be made in China. One specific example is how Apple has issued a warning of a possible product shortage due to supply disruption. Keep these kinds of scenarios in mind and think of which customers may need a new supply chain, as they may now be cut off from their Chinese-made supplies and products.

Keep in mind that this all has affected both maritime and airfreight deliveries as well. Regardless of the mode of delivery, internationally traveling freight has been caught up in the global disruption of COVID-19.

Maximize Your Business with Reliable Couriers

While the slowdown of international shipping is beyond anyone’s control, as soon as your products and supplies reach state-side, having the right courier service will be key to ensure that your products are delivered as quick as possible to catch up on time lost. With a rush courier like Reliable Couriers, you’ll have access to same-day delivery services as quick as one hour. Give us a call or check out our website for more information on how Reliable Couriers can be the right rush delivery solution for you in this COVID-19 world.