Packages and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Getting Your Deliveries Safely

December 4, 2020

In these uncertain times, even with the fortunate convenience of delivery for supplies that you don’t wish to shop for in person, there is even greater uncertainty about how to bring your packages into the sanctity of your home without bringing COVID-19 in as well. After all, your packages are handled by multiple people before it ever reaches your home. From warehouse workers and package sorters to the drivers who bring those boxes to your home, every individual who is part of the process becomes a potential vector for a sickness to get passed along.

But how does one make sure that only your goods enter your home and not the pandemic?

The simple answer is to clean your packages. But here’s the details on what all that entails, so that you’ll be absolutely prepared for all of your deliveries, so that your home will be well-supplied, while you stay well and safe.

Step 1: Your Packages Need a Safe Delivery Zone

Organization is key to ensuring that your packages are consistently made safe for bringing into the house. Create a designated place for all deliveries to be dropped off, such as a box or crate for delivery drivers to place your packages within. A large mat to help make a clear spot to find all of your deliveries would also suffice.

The purpose of this is so that you don’t have to go looking around for your packages, and it helps minimize the chances of face-to-face contact with the delivery drivers.

Step 2: Clean Packages with Sanitizer Products

From disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer products, make sure you have something to disinfect the various packages that you have ordered. Once your packages have been delivered, you want to decide how you want to consistently perform the cleaning process. If you’re going to bring the box into the house, you will want to make sure you clean it in a designated spot within your home. If you open the box outside, clean the box and then extract the product within.

Step 3: When You Re-Enter Your Home

If you chose to bring your package into your home, just like how you had a designated spot for delivery drivers to drop your packages off, so should you have a designated indoor spot for your packages to be placed so that you can properly clean the packaging and the product within. Once your products have been cleaned and stored, and your packaging disposed of, you’ll then want to be sure to clean the designated surface. Try to pick a place that’s easy to remember to use every time and is a hard surface so that it is easy to clean.

If you disposed of the box while still outside, perform the same disinfecting procedure on the product that you just brought into your home.

Whichever method you use, always remember to wash your hands once all done, and never touch your face until your hands have been properly cleaned.

Adapt to COVID-19 With the Expertise of Reliable Couriers

Following these steps will ensure a safe and healthy future for you and your loved ones while using delivery services to maintain your supplies and shopping needs.

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