Finding high-quality delivery services in Texas is as simple as choosing Reliable Couriers. Whether you’re located in Amarillo, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or down in Houston, we have local couriers who offer exceptional service, on-time delivery and the peace of mind you need. We offer service for virtually any type of local delivery you might need, from legal documents to medical courier solutions and everything in between.

What makes Reliable Couriers the best choice for your delivery needs? We offer significant advantages for anyone in need of reliable, expert delivery. We’re available when you need us, whether that’s morning, noon or night. Our service is available 24-hours per day. You can give us a call, or you can create an account through our website at any time and get the simple process started.

Same Day Delivery

One of the most significant advantages we offer is expediency. We’re proud to offer our Same Day Delivery service for all of our customers, but even if you don’t need your package delivered immediately, we’ll still make sure it’s there in a timely manner. Our couriers are another reason to choose us. While Reliable Couriers is a national company, we use local couriers native to your city – these couriers live and work in Dallas, Houston and Amarillo. That means they’re intimately familiar with the fastest ways to get anywhere in town.

Legal Courier

Our legal courier services offer expertise, peace of mind and the expedience you need. Courthouse delivery and filing, motion filing, legal record transfer and numerous other services are available for lawyers and law firms throughout the state of Texas.

Medical Courier

Our medical couriers can transport blood, tissue, lab results, medical records and more, all in compliance with laws and regulations governing the healthcare industry. Whether you’re sending lab tests out to a medical center in Dallas, or you’re requesting patient records from a private practice in Houston, we’ve got you covered.

Reliable Couriers is your go-to solution when you need immediate, professional, reliable delivery of virtually anything. We can even offer interstate shipping and delivery if that’s something you require – we serve the entire country.

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