When you need to send documents, messages or items to a company or another facility in Michigan, it’s vital that you choose the right courier service. Reliable Couriers offers outstanding service, local delivery specialists and the peace of mind that you need, no matter what it is you’re shipping. We’re proud to offer expert local courier service in all areas of Michigan, including Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit and all other areas.

When it comes to delivering items, documents, packages and messages, it’s important that you choose a reputable courier company who knows the area and ensures prompt, professional delivery. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Reliable Couriers. Our local couriers are natives – they know how to get around Lansing, where to go in Grand Rapids and the best roads to take in Detroit to avoid traffic snarls and get your package to the recipient in record time.

Part of that commitment is being available when you need us. You can contact Reliable Couriers at any time – we’re available 24/7. Call us direct on the phone, or you can use our handy web form to complete your account in just a matter of minutes. Either way, we’ll have you covered.

Same Day Delivery

Not only do we use expert local couriers, but we offer a broad range of delivery services to suit any need. One of our most popular solutions is out same day delivery. When time is absolutely critical, we guarantee that your package is there the same day. That’s a guarantee we back up, as well. We’re committed to ensuring you get the best possible service.

Legal Courier

Reliable Couriers understands that certain industries have specific requirements. We offer both legal courier services and medical courier services. Our legal courier services ensure that affidavits, motions for filing, discovery documents, contracts and anything else you might need is delivered where you need it. We can deliver to lawyers and law firms, but also offer courthouse delivery and filing, and much more. We can deliver legal documents within Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids or any other city in Michigan.

Medical Courier

Our medical courier services are able to discreetly handle virtually anything, whether you’re shipping tissues and blood for testing, need to deliver pharmaceuticals, supplying a blood bank, or dealing with home healthcare.

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