From Miami to Orlando to Jacksonville and all points in between, finding courier service you can depend on in Florida is a tough thing to do. That’s where Reliable Couriers comes in – our name truly does say it all. When you need expert, efficient, dependable courier service, Reliable Couriers is the company to contact. We’re proud to offer delivery service for virtually any need, whether you’re sending business documents to a branch office in Miami, or sending a legal motion to the courthouse in Orlando.

At Reliable Couriers, we understand that no two clients have exactly the same needs. We’re proud to offer a broad range of services to ensure that whatever you’re shipping arrives when you need it to, without any hassles, headaches or holdups.

Perhaps the most common reason to choose Reliable Couriers is our extensive range of services. We’re proud to serve any delivery need, whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company in Scottsdale, or you’re a new law firm located in Sedona. In fact, you’ll find that we offer courier services tailored to the needs of many different industries. These include:

We also provide a range of other services and solutions for our delivery customers. Our tracking service ensures that you always know where your package is in the delivery process, and ensures you know when the recipient has actually received it. We also take the hassle out of getting courier service. You can call us on the phone to create an account, but you can also use our website – it’s simple, fast and expedient. We’re also available 24-hours per day, so you can always get ahold of us when you’re in need.

Same Day Delivery

One of our most popular solutions is our same day delivery service. When time is of the utmost importance, our expert local couriers get the job done right away. Our service is guaranteed, so you get peace of mind that your package will be there on time.

Legal Courier

For lawyers and law firms, we offer expert legal courier services. Motion filing, courthouse delivery and filing, discovery material transfer and much more can be had with a quick phone call.

Medical Courier

Medical offices, private practices and hospitals need to send a variety of materials and items. We specialize in the delivery of records, data, packages and even medical specimen delivery.

Perhaps our most important difference is our couriers. They’re local, and they know each city in Florida like the back of their hand, whether you’re in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville or somewhere else.

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