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When you need great courier service in downtown Detroit, the Midtown area, Greektown or the Financial District, or anywhere else in the greater Detroit area, you can rely on Reliable Couriers to get your packages there on time every time. We can offer local same day delivery service to all of the different areas around Detroit, and we can deliver everything from legal documents to presentation material, packages, suitcases, and even small freight. We’re available 24 hours a day to help you.

Detroit courier service

You will find that we can do more than deliver only to the city of Detroit. We can also deliver to areas and towns that are nearby. Some of the areas where we can offer courier service include Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Livonia, Windsor, and Southfield.

Benefits of Reliable Courier

When you choose to use our company for your courier service, you get quite a few benefits. You will be able to trust in the quality, dependability, promptness and professionalism of our drivers. When you have items that you need to get to another location, or you need to have signatures on documents, we can make that happen and make your stress vanish at the same time.

Our Courier Services

You will also find that it’s easy to place an order for our courier service, and you will be able to do it right online day or night. When you set up an account, you will even be able to track your deliveries so you know when they arrive.

Whether they need to take the I-375, the Fisher Freeway, or surface streets to reach your destination, our couriers are going to be able to know and plot the best and fastest routes given the time of day they are delivering the package. In addition, they know the roads well enough that they can make adjustments in case any activity on the roads, such as an unexpected closure, warrants it. Along with maps and a GPS, they are going to make sure they deliver your package or paperwork on time.

Reliable Couriers is able to deliver to many areas in the Detroit region. Here is just a sampling of the many different zip codes we service: 48202, 48205, 48213, 48221, and 48235. These are just a portion of the areas where we can deliver. Contact us so we can let you know how we can help you no matter where you need to deliver in the area.

If you need a legal courier, we have services that will ensure prompt delivery of courtroom filings, boxes of discovery, exhibits for trial, fee advancements, and much more. We can deliver to and pick up from places such as the 36th District Court, the Third Judicial Circuit Court, the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, and more.

The medical couriers can pick up and send lab specimens and samples, supplies, medical records and more. We can pick up from and deliver to places such as the Sinai-Grace Hospital, the Henry Ford Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

You will find a number of great services that will serve your business well. Our rush courier services allow you to expedite a package for urgent delivery, and since we have facilities nationwide, we can deliver goods all the way across the country. If you have small freight that needs transporting in the Detroit area, we can do that too! We have warehousing services in case you need to store items overnight. You can be sure that it is secure in our facilities.

Another one of the nice things about our service is the fact that we employ local messengers. In the downtown area, where traffic can snag and snarl, the local messengers are able to weave through traffic quickly and make sure that the item reaches its destination on time.

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