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What is a Legal Courier, and Why would I need one?

December 29, 2022

Many people are unaware of the popularity of legal couriers. Yet, there are over 76,000 couriers in the United States alone, with Legal Couriers only accounting for 5%. Why? This article will cover all the services a legal courier may provide and why they benefit you and your work practices.

What Is a legal courier?

Typically a legal messenger is a third party hired by a law firm, public defender’s office, court, an individual, prosecutor’s office, or employer, tasked with transporting sensitive information. This sensitive information can include but is not limited to Titles / Deeds, Contracts, Court papers, Passports, Legal tenders, Plans and Drawings, Documents for the Register of Wills, legal filings, and other legal documents. Along with this, legal couriers may perform other tasks, including the following:

  • Less Liability: Legal messengers can file documents same-day with government agencies or the clerk of courts. This means fewer documents for you to juggle, and you can rest easy knowing your documents were filed correctly with our trained and experienced legal courier.
  • Reliability: Legal couriers can pick up documents from a client’s office and deliver them to the correct recipient. For example, many legal documents are time sensitive and require a same-day legal courier. In addition, many legal delivery drivers transport documents or exhibit exhibits too large or sensitive to send via regular mail or with an attorney going to court.
  • Save Time: By timing deliveries and coordinating with attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and other team members, legal couriers can get your documents faster than a typical courier and in time for your court case or trial. Legal messengers can also save you time by Obtaining signatures on legal documents.
  • Save money: By hiring a legal courier, you can greatly reduce your personal or operating expenses. In addition, paying one flat fee to a legal messenger means attorneys do not have to worry about employee wages and can focus on billable work.
  • Accountability: Legal couriers are familiar with and practice all local ordinances, state laws, and relevant federal laws while transporting legal documents.
  • Flexibility: Delivering and staging legal documents or exhibits for court can be completed like clockwork by a legal courier. Utilizing vehicles that accommodate all-size exhibits, legal messengers can deliver to you any time of the day or night.

Why would I need a legal courier?

Now that we know what a legal courier does, why could hiring one benefit you? Here are some assurances a legal courier can provide you that other courier services cannot.

  • Keeping record: A legal courier keeps a detailed record of transactions during your delivery. So from the moment the courier picks up your package until it reaches its final destination, you can rest assured your parcel will be tracked and delivered in a timely and safe manner.
  • Navigation: Legal couriers can take the quickest routes while transporting your documents and exhibits to their destination. They are also familiar with the layout of courthouses and offices, saving attorneys time by not constantly asking questions about where it needs to go or where something is located. In addition, legal messengers are not constantly rerouting to accommodate numerous packages; they prioritize getting your delivery to you as quickly as possible.
  • Staying on schedule: Traditional courier services cannot guarantee delivery time or sometimes even a time window, whereas a legal courier service can. Legal couriers can ensure your package is the priority and will reach its destination on time.
  • Timely delivery: Unlike regular courier services, a legal courier can perform a rush delivery, giving you peace of mind that you will receive your documents or exhibits on time for trial on the same day or typically within an hour.
  • Flexibility: Some exhibits and evidence are too burdensome or large for an attorney rushing to court to take with them. In this situation, our cargo vans and box trucks can carry exhibits into the courtroom on the day of the trial. In addition, we are familiar with court procedures and layouts, so our drivers can deliver to the correct Courtroom, clerk, or judge’s chambers.
  • The extra mile: Sometimes, lawyers/attorneys do not have the time to file something with the court or are in a remote area where physical filing is impossible. They can hire a courier to print documents and perform same-day filing.

Once you have decided that a legal messenger is suitable for your needs, looking at online referrals and reviews can help you find the right legal courier, you may also research a company to ensure they offer the services to meet your needs. At Reliable couriers, we are loved by our many legal clients and receive great reviews from individuals and businesses. Get in touch with us today at (888) 415-1781