What To Expect From A Legal Courier

January 26, 2023

When hiring a legal courier, it’s good to know what to expect. Legal messengers cover a variety of tasks and services they may perform for you. Your run-of-the-mill delivery drivers cannot perform many of these tasks and services. Legal couriers offer specialized tasks and services that regular delivery drivers can not. From transporting evidence and confidential documents to filing paperwork with the court, etc. This gives you above-and-beyond service catered directly to your needs.

Our legal couriers, upon hire, are expected to have a valid driver’s license, a minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent, no criminal background, and familiarity with the area they will be working in. Our training then takes them through everything they need to know about the legal system from a legal courier perspective. They familiarize themselves and learn the layout of local courthouses and government buildings we cater to daily. Going through the rest of the training, they will become familiar with document security, ethics, confidentiality, steps and procedure for pulling documents, filing the correct paperwork, and obtaining proof of filing.

Often an attorney is unwilling to entrust regular couriers with deliveries such as evidence, exhibits, and confidential documents. Because of this, legal messengers will be the only ones to transport these deliveries, and they are accounted for the entire time it is in their care. In addition, our legal couriers keep deliveries documented and secure at all times, ensuring legal documents arrive at the correct destination promptly.

There are many benefits to expect when hiring a legal messenger. One of these benefits is avoiding the expense of having an in-house messenger. Another perk to a legal courier is avoiding the headache and frustration of hiring a private courier. Many private couriers do not understand the requirements that are involved with the transport of legal documents. Therefore, it is best practice to hire an experienced legal courier and avoid potential legal problems.

A legal messenger service can offer the confidentiality necessary when transporting sensitive documents. The courier should never be curious about what is inside a legal envelope or box and recognize the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

Another important expectation of a legal courier is experience. Legal matters can often involve adversarial situations, and a well-trained and seasoned professional legal messenger will be able to handle these types of problems while maintaining composure and completing the delivery on time.

Having experience is another essential expectation of a legal courier. Many times in the legal realm, adversarial situations may occur. In these instances, a well-trained and seasoned professional legal messenger will be able to handle these types of problems while maintaining composure and completing the delivery on time.

Prompt deliveries are also something to expect from a legal courier. Some legal courier services offer same-day or rush delivery, which could be critical to a hearing or trial. Time is always of the essence with legal matters, and relying on a legal courier to deliver your documents quickly, can give you peace of mind. In addition, having everything you need for staging documents or exhibits to show up on time for court will help your trial and look good to the judge.

Another service a legal courier can be expected to provide is filings. Legal messengers should be capable of filing any legal documents with the clerk of courts and delivering them to the correct destination after that.

Here is a quick recap of expectations:

  • Trained in Ethics/Confidentiality
  • Maintain document security
  • Have Personal/traffic safety
  • Keep in Communication
  • Ledger- Documentation-chain of custody
  • Filing documents with the court
  • Distribute information to third parties
  • Pick up and deliver time-sensitive files, documents, and packages
  • Run miscellaneous errands

Reliable couriers provide clients with secure on-time deliveries every time. We are the most trusted legal courier service in the United States and are available to you 24/7. You can expect the best from our team of experienced delivery drivers. In addition, our nationwide offices and fleets can serve you no matter your location. Find out what our legal messengers can do for you.