Home Office Equipment Deliveries for New Hires

January 12, 2021

It’s a big day when someone gets a new job! But in this evolving world of remote working, home equipment may be needed for your new worker to get setup and fully prepared to take on their duties. In this world where a pandemic is a concern on everyone’s mind, when a company needs to loan equipment to a new hire for their home office, equipment transfer might not be as simple as it used to. That’s where a dedicated courier service could come in handy!

Fast and Safe Transportation for Your Equipment

Your equipment will likely involve high-tech components, expensive computers and communications equipment, and possibly fragile items. But all of that can be delivered swiftly, securely, and safely in their original condition with the expertise of a courier service. Understandably, you may be concerned about all that equipment, but with features like real-time tracking and delivery confirmation, you can see from start to finish that your packages are being delivered on track and on schedule.

Replacement Deliveries

When something breaks down at your employee’s home office, a replacement delivery may need to be made. With a courier service, you can have that replacement delivery made in a matter of hours instead of days—that means preserving productivity and getting your employee what they need to keep on task.

Beyond Equipment

A dedicated courier service can be ideal for when you also need to send your employees more than just equipment. Sometimes important company paperwork may need to be securely delivered, or maybe when an employee has done something remarkable, you’d like to send an award of recognition. All of this is possible as well with a courier service.

Reliable Couriers Keeps Your Workers and Equipment Safe

At Reliable Couriers, it’s more than just your equipment that we strive to keep safe. Our bonded drivers also take measures to ensure that you and your recipients are kept safe from pickup to delivery. Some of these measures include wearing PPE and performing contactless deliveries. With the help of cutting-edge GPS, you’ll have the convenience of real-time tracking and delivery confirmation to know exactly where your packages are and when they’ve reached their destination.

Give us a call at 888-415-1781 to schedule your first pickup with our same day delivery services—we’ll have your home office equipment delivering in a flash. You can also visit us at ReliableCouriers.com for more information on how our same day delivery services can help you and your company for all your fast shipping needs!