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Most asked same day delivery questions

February 16, 2023

At Reliable couriers; the communities and businesses we serve are our number one priority. Our local couriers are locals who care about their hometowns and want to help their area thrive. The delivery drivers and team of dispatchers want to help our customers in any way they can, and here are some of their most commonly asked questions that we can help with.

Same day delivery Questions:

What is your pricing?

When receiving a quote for our services, we obtain the information necessary for us to give our clients the most accurate quote possible. Our pricing is dependent on the distance the delivery is, the type of vehicle required to transport the package, how quickly the package is required, and any other fees that a third party may incur, such as court costs, printing fees, etc.

Where are you located?

Reliable couriers is a local, nationwide company. This means we have offices throughout the United States in all major cities that employ only local delivery drivers, couriers, and employees. At Reliable couriers, we believe in the personability hiring local employees brings to our clients and the strong relationships they can build.

How fast can you pick up and deliver?

Our delivery speeds depend on only three factors, what shipping speed was requested, what type of vehicle is needed, and how far the delivery needs to go. The distance of the delivery is the first factor; the distance is a predetermined time, i.e., if the delivery is an hour’s drive, then the delivery will take just over an hour to be performed. The second factor is the vehicle necessary to accommodate the delivery. This is needed to factor in loading and unloading times for the proper and secure handling of the package. The final factor is the speed of delivery selected by the client. Our delivery speed options available are rush, 1 hour, 4 hours, overnight, next flight out, and same day delivery.

What types of vehicles do you have?

Our fleet of vehicles ranges in size and capabilities but are all equipped with GPS navigation systems and the proper safety and transport equipment to securely make the deliveries required of them. The vehicles on our fleet include electric scooters, mopeds, sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, cargo vans, box trucks, dock-height box trucks, and box trucks with lift gates. With our diverse fleet of vehicles, we are capable of accommodating any size package, from a small envelope to 10,000 pounds of palletized freight.

Do you deliver overnight?

The delivery drivers on staff are available 24/7 and have access to our entire fleet of vehicles. This allows us to offer any type of overnight package you may require, including next-flight out services or rush pick-ups and delivery.

Can you hold my package overnight?

Having a package help overnight is a possibility, depending upon two factors. Our couriers can hold a package overnight if we have the facilities in your area and if they are able to accommodate the size of your delivery. If our facilities cannot accommodate your package at this time, we are able to deliver to a location the client has selected to hold their delivery overnight and pick up the package again at a predetermined time in the morning.

What information will you need to deliver my package?

The majority of the information we will require to deliver your package will be taken at the time of your quote. This information includes your name, number, and email address, as well as the item being transported, where it will need to be picked up from, and where it will need to be delivered. After the client accepts this quote, further details will be taken, such as the name of the person and their phone number at the pickup and drop off locations, any additional information necessary for the secure transportation of the package, if there are photos and signatures required at pickup and delivery, and any other special instructions.

Medical courier questions


What qualifications do your medical couriers have?

All of the medical couriers on staff at Reliable couriers have the proper certifications and training in order to handle medical deliveries. Our medical delivery drivers are put through a thorough background check and drug screening before beginning our certification and training courses. The medical courier must then complete all OSHA and HIPAA certifications and must complete all medical protocol training on how to properly handle each type of medical delivery they will be performing in the field.

Do you make STAT medical deliveries?

Our medical couriers regularly complete all types of STAT medical deliveries to any healthcare facility. The facilities that we frequently make STAT medical deliveries to are nursing homes, private practices, laboratories, hospice facilities, hospitals, and residences for home healthcare and hospice nurses.

What types of medical deliveries do you handle?

Some of the medical deliveries our medical couriers typically handle are for medical devices and equipment, prescriptions and medications, pharmaceuticals, blood and plasma, medical documents and files, heart valves and stents, pacemakers, organ transplants, defibrillators, tissue samples, and lab specimens.

Legal messenger questions


What qualifications do your legal messengers have?

Our legal messengers meet all requirements necessary for a legal courier to have, such as a thorough background check and drug test, proper certifications for OSHA and HIPPA protocols, and training on all legal procedures they will perform.

What legal tasks can your couriers perform?

The legal couriers of Reliable couriers are capable of performing a multitude of different legal tasks, including but not limited to filing with the clerk of courts, retrieving documents from archives, performing a court staging of records, and delivering documents to a courthouse, judge, law firm, or individual

What legal deliveries can your couriers make?

The legal couriers can deliver legal documents, files, boxes, and cases that include death certificates, birth certificates, marriage licenses and records, deeds, contracts, petitions, court filings and copies, transcripts, electronics, and more.

Trade show delivery questions


What capacity size can you deliver?

With our large fleet of vehicles, the capacity size our couriers can deliver ranges from small envelopes to 10,000 pounds of palletized freight. Our fleet can accommodate any size, ranging from sedans and cargo vans to box trucks dock height or lift gates.

Will your courier help with setup?

Upon request, our couriers can help with the loading and unloading of your packages. Our couriers can help lift up to 50 pounds or utilize equipment to assist with the loading and unloading. We may also send 2 couriers upon special requests made for trade shows.

Can your courier return for pickup at the end of the show?

Our couriers, upon request, may return to the location of a trade show and assist in the reloading and return to pickup location process. The clients may request this at the time of the initial pickup request and schedule all necessary pick-up and drop-off times.

Remote office equipment pickup and delivery questions


How do you handle the process with an ex-employee?

Regarding the pickup and delivery of an ex-employees remote office equipment, our couriers follow direct instructions from the terminating company as well as our own protocols and procedures. Our protocols and procedures ensure a well-documented chain of custody and the secure delivery of the returned equipment.

Can you take pictures of the condition of the equipment at pickup?

Part of the protocols and procedures our delivery drivers follow when obtaining office equipment from a remote ex-employee is to document all items that were picked up and received from the employee and photograph and record any damage to the equipment before transport.

Can I schedule a time to have the remote office equipment picked up?

Our courier services are available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can schedule any delivery time necessary for the proper and timely pick up of the ex-employees remote office equipment pickup.

Next flight out (NFO) questions:


What can I ship with next flight out?

Our next flight out services can ship everything from a small envelope to a large package. We regularly ship many items and are familiar with all practices, protocols, and procedures in shipping and receiving: passports, laptops, important and time-sensitive documents, luggage, and more.

Do you have on board couriers?

We have on board couriers readily available 24/7 to make the next flight out with any delivery you require. All our on board couriers are OSHA and HIPAA-certified and protocol trained to keep the security and integrity of any package you require to be sent with an on board courier.

Can you overnight my package?

With all of our service options available to our clients, we can perform all of them overnight as required. Reliable couriers can meet your overnight delivery needs, from medical and legal to trade work and manufacturing. We can also accommodate any size overnight delivery with our large fleet of vehicles available to our couriers 24/7.

Print and delivery questions


Is there a limit to how many pages I can print?

There is no limit to the number of pages we can print utilizing a professional printing service. Once documents are printed and ready for pickup, our couriers can easily collect your printed documents and deliver them directly to you.

Can you print in color?

Our print and delivery services are able to print any number of documents you require to be printed in color. Our color print services are completed by professional printing services that we regularly work with for all our print and deliveries.

How does the process work?

For our print and delivery services, a client may order a print service with a third-party service which we can pick up from and deliver directly to the client, or, Reliable couriers can fulfill the printing process. With our fulfillment process, the client will email us the documents required for printing via email with a pdf. We will then print the documents as required and deliver them directly to the client’s destination.

Service Questions

Our delivery drivers are able to courier to any location with proper instructions to the location. Some instructions may include dropping off the package at a specific door or unit number, delivering to a front desk under a specific name, or having a door or gate code to place the package inside.

Can you deliver long distance?

With our dedicated and bonded team of delivery drivers, we can deliver long distances anywhere in the country. Our couriers can pick up from anywhere in the United States and deliver anywhere in the country.

Do you offer airport luggage pickup?

Our local couriers have years of experience in airport luggage pickup from all of their nearby airports. The delivery drivers have worked with the airlines in the area and know the proper protocols and procedures necessary and the paperwork required in order to streamline the process of picking up your luggage and getting it delivered as quickly as possible.

Can you deliver payroll?

The delivery drivers of Reliable couriers are able to pick up and deliver any payroll check from the company to a residence, from a company to a company, or from a payroll company to an employee.

Do you have perishable and grocery delivery?

Reliable couriers are able to pick up and deliver any perishables or groceries you may need in a rush manner. Our delivery drivers are careful with all deliveries to ensure the integrity is maintained of all perishables and groceries delivered.