How to Prepare and Be Safe for a Trade Show in A COVID-19 World

June 2, 2021

The world is simply not the same. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, going to a trade show was like going to any other large-scale convention event—your only concern was finding your way around the trade show center to find all the wonderful displays that you were bound to encounter.

If you were running a display booth yourself, you just needed to worry about how many eyes you could get on your products to nab those sales. But now things are different. Safety is paramount as now people running trade show displays as well as attendees have both a pandemic as well as bad actors to worry about.

Trade shows are a place where amazing ideas are shared, but also some very valuable and expensive equipment or products are being placed on display. This means that along with a pandemic to worry about, there’s always been the risk of bad actors looking to steal something of value, whether for themselves or even for another company.

Today, we’re going to take a dive into how to prepare yourself for a trade show in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying Safe Against the Viral Element

The COVID-19 virus has changed a lot about the way that we do anything in the world today. Trade shows, conventions, large-scale events of any sort—all of these have been greatly affected, with some of them taking on a more hybrid or completely online nature. But if you’re going to a trade show in person, you’ll want to make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure that you remain safe from the pandemic.

  • Wear a suitable face mask to prevent catching COVID-19. According to the CDC, suitable masks have two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric. The mask must also completely cover your nose and your mouth, if your mouth or nose are exposed, then you’ll be able to catch COVID-19 while it is in the air. Finally, make sure the mask fits snugly and doesn’t leave space for gaps. Your mask should have a nose wire to help prevent air leaks from the top of the mask as well. If you have a beard, wearing two masks such as one disposable mask and one cloth mask will help ensure that your facial hair does not impede on your safety.
  • Regularly wash your hands throughout the day and keep hand sanitizer handy. Trade shows often have a lot of high-traffic surfaces that you may touch, so keeping your hands clean will help reduce the chances of collecting COVID-19 from a physical surface.

Keeping You and Your Products Safe from Bad Actors

Even before the pandemic, there’s always been the possibility of bad actor elements being present. It can be opportunistic individuals looking to resell a stolen item, or it could even be someone trying to steal another company’s product for their own. Whatever the reason, there is always the chance that there is someone at a trade show with less-than-noble intentions. If you’re running a trade show booth, here are some ways to protect yourself and your products again such bad actors…

  • With everyone wearing face masks to protect themselves from COVID-19, it is important to make sure that attendees and businesses are able to identify themselves by their badges. Badges should have a picture of the person as well, or a QR scanning code to confirm identity.
  • Whether you’re running a booth or an attendee, make sure to only wear your badge while you’re at the trade show. If you’re leaving the trade show, take your badge off and keep it away in a purse or backpack. If there is a bad actor lurking about, wearing your badge is an invitation to a possible robbery of your badge. Don’t give them the chance—hide away your badge while you’re off the trade show floor.
  • If you are working with very expensive products, be sure not to advertise that to just anyone. Keep your advertising to those who have identifying badges, so that you know that you’re advertising to the right people! This helps reduce the likelihood of unwanted parties getting curious about you and your products.

Safety Means A More Enjoyable Trade Show

Nothing feels quite like a presentation going right! By keeping these pieces of safety advice in mind, you’ll be able to forge ahead into this uncertain, pandemic-impacted world. Keep your trade shows safe to maximize your enjoyment of your time there, so that you can focus more on catching those sales opportunities and learning about how your industry is evolving!

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