How to Handle and Package Items for Same-Day Delivery for Safe Arrival

February 1, 2023

If done incorrectly, many things can go wrong during the shipping and handling process. Items may be lost, damaged, or labeled improperly, making the arrival of your package a bigger headache than it should be. These simple guidelines will help you properly ship and handle your package without stress.



For your package to be properly shipped, it must have the proper information on the label. The label should be clear and free of any markings and typed or made out with legible handwriting. On the label, you should include the shipper’s address (this is the address from which it is being shipped or returned should there be any issues with the delivery), the delivery address (this is the location of the intended delivery and should also include the name of the recipient or company), Specifics of the item (i.e., fragile, perishable, right side up, etc.) and the bar code.

Once you have double-checked and ensured all of the information on the label is correct and legible, the next step is the label placement. The shipping label should be placed on the top left corner of the package and not on the bottom or sides. The label also should not go over the edges of the box and be folded, placed over the tape, placed where the box will be cut open, or used to seal the box. Lastly, if you are reusing an old box, be sure that there are no old shipping labels that may cause confusion in the transportation of your package.

Another helpful assurance with labeling is to always make sure there is more than one label with all of the information. Placing a second label with all the information on one of the sides of the box or a piece of paper with all the information inside the box. This is a great failsafe in case the label is accidentally removed or becomes unreadable during transit.


You may use many materials when packaging an item, so it is important to know which one to use to best protect your item while packaging. The materials you are using should include the type of box, adhesive or tape, and cushion within the box around the item.



When selecting a box for your item, selecting one with the right amount of durability and the correct size is important. The box you select should hold your item snugly within it with the proper cushioning around it to prevent the item from shifting during transport. The boxing material should also be made out of material durable enough to contain your item and not rip, tear, or break from the item’s weight.


Having the correct adhesive or tape to seal your item within the package is key to ensuring your item and its cushioning materials will not shift in transit and that the item will remain with the proper shipping label on the box at all times. There are many types of packaging tapes you may utilize, and just like the box, it is necessary to choose one durable enough to withstand the weight of your package and the movement of transit.


Before placing your item inside a box, you must select and secure your item with the proper cushioning materials. These materials are to ensure the integrity of your item is kept by keeping it securely fitted within its box and cushioning the blow of any harsh movements during transit. Some of these items can include packing peanuts, crumpled paper, foam, bubble wrap, bubble/air pillows or pouches, cellulose wadding, and more.


The placement of your item in the packaging is just as important as the materials it is being shipped in. if the materials and item are not properly placed within a box, then the materials that are to cushion the item will be rendered useless. The materials placed properly around the item in the box may cushion any potential bumps during transportation.

Another thing to remember with the placement of your item (s) is the size of the box you are using. The box for your item should fit the item snugly within it with the packaging materials inside and around it. This will restrict the item’s movement and prevent it from shifting during transportation and causing damage.


The handling of your package depends upon who will be transporting the item; yourself, a large shipping company, or a 3pl; third-party courier. The handling will also depend on the type of service you have selected if you are using a large shipping company like UPS or FedEx or a same day courier like Reliable couriers.

Self Delivery:

If you are trying to save money by delivering your item yourself, then it is important to do a few things to ensure you are properly handling and transporting your package. While transporting your package, it is important to keep your item oriented the way it was packaged; this will ensure that your item is not shifted into a position where it may cause damage.

Within the vehicle you intend to use for transport, you should find a way to secure the item in one spot, so it does not slide or shift positions during transport. This may include placing a seatbelt around it, utilizing bungee cords, or using rope to tie it down. If you cannot secure your item within the vehicle, take extra precautions when driving; drive at lower speeds, take turns slower, and, if possible, frequently check on the package.

When physically loading and unloading your package from the vehicle, you must have the proper equipment and ability to do so, depending on the size and weight of your package. If you require assistance with lifting, ensure someone is traveling with you or that there is someone at the pickup and drop-off locations. If you have a larger item or package, ensure the proper equipment is with you or at the pickup and drop-off locations, such as a dolly, pulley system, or forklift.

Large Shipping Company:


Utilizing a larger shipping company for the shipping and handling of your package may require you to take a few extra precautions in the packaging of your item. While many larger shipping companies offer to package your item for you, you want to keep in mind that they are packaging hundreds of other items and that you do not know who will be entrusted with properly packaging your item.

Once you drop off your item or package to the large shipping company, you entrust them to ensure your shipping label is not messed up, confused, switched with another, or damaged due to improper handling.

During transit, the delivery driver selected to transport your package will not only transport your package but hundreds of others. The delivery driver may only be the first of many as your package is transported between multiple warehouses and trucks between delivery drivers. This adds to the time your item is in transit and increases the risk of a lost or damaged item.

Many of the delivery drivers at large shipping companies are great at what they do, carefully load and unload all of their packages, and have the proper equipment to do so, should it be necessary. On the other end of the spectrum, there have been many times minimum wage drivers have improperly loaded and unloaded packages and damaged shipping labels, rendering your package unshippable, lost, or damaged.

Same-day courier:


Hiring a same day courier service like Reliable couriers is one of the best ways to ship your package to ensure it is handled correctly. The delivery drivers are certified and protocol trained to handle any type of delivery and go the extra mile to ensure the security of your item. Professional delivery drivers keep documents and packages safe during shipping and guarantee the integrity of your package is maintained.

Another way a same day delivery service properly ships and handles your package is by keeping a detailed chain of custody. With Reliable couriers, the chain of custody is well maintained, detailed, and kept short, as only one driver will be on the delivery, and your package will never see a warehouse. Reliable courier’s same day delivery services ensure that once your package is picked up, it is taken directly to the destination.

The delivery driver will properly load and unload your package and utilize proper protocol at the pickup and delivery. If the protocol requires the package to be loaded and unloaded with equipment, the courier will have what they need. The delivery driver will also secure your package to prevent it from moving or shifting during transit.

One thing that separates Reliable couriers from the rest is that we can transport your item without packaging. Shipping without packaging can save you time and money, and you can rest assured that your item will be delivered safely and properly. Our delivery drivers are familiar with all types of same day deliveries and have vehicles that can accommodate any size package with or without packaging.

Reliable courier’s fleet of vehicles ranges from sedans and cargo vans to box trucks with lift gates capable of transporting up to 10,000 pounds of palletized freight. Unlike larger shipping companies, our couriers can deliver anywhere from offices and homes to hotels and even Airbnb.

If you want to learn more about how Reliable couriers can properly handle and package your items for shipping, call or go online and get an obligation-free quote.