How can a courier help my funeral home?

December 5, 2022

When it comes to the death industry, funeral homes and their directors don’t have many options for shipping. Your options are usually the same national monopoly which is just as slow as the other option, regular postal. However, Reliable Couriers have noticed a need in the funeral industry and are here to help.

What we deliver:

  • Cremated remains
  • Pick up Death Certificates/ Make Copies
  • Clothing
  • Cards
  • Perishables
  • Paperware
  • Religious items (rosary, shiva candles, flower garlands)
  • Caskets
  • Inserts
  • Urns
  • Flowers
  • Prayer cards
  • Portraits
  • Medical equipment

Same day:

We are familiar with the death care industry and family demands on funeral homes and directors. At reliable couriers, we have made it our duty to take as much pressure off the funeral home and its directors as possible. Families may request last-minute items during a visitation that are just too far or time-consuming for a director to be able to leave and retrieve them for the family. We also know that in a time of grieving, “no” cannot be in your vocabulary when speaking with a family. This is why we offer our same day services to funeral homes and grieving families. We want funeral directors to focus on being there for their families and let us take care of the rest. If a luncheon runs short of food or a director needs a casket tonight to be ready for a visitation tomorrow, our couriers can deliver it.

Rush Delivery:

Every funeral director has run into it before; something for the funeral is missing. Whether it is an extra hand to deliver the flowers from the funeral home to church, then the cemetery, to picking up casket inserts or urns that would not be delivered in time with regular shipping. We know many time constraints regarding funerals, such as religious beliefs, military honors, or family schedules if they’re out of state. So let our couriers give you a hand and get you what you need and where you need it quickly and safely.

Print and Delivery:

You can count on reliable couriers to deliver registration books, prayer cards, and bookmarks. Many places that print these items can take up to a week to print and ship; with Reliable Couriers, we can get your items to you the same day. We only need the PDF file if you want it printed in color and the specs you want printed with the final delivery address. Call us today to receive a free quote: 888-415-1781.

Cargo Van & Freight Delivery:

During covid, there was a massive shortage of caskets and an even more significant shortage in delivery times. Families had to choose alternative caskets as the one they truly wanted for their loved one was unavailable or would not ship in time. We want families to grieve properly and not worry about the details they wanted that did not happen. Our couriers ensure these details, like the correct casket, can happen. With our lift gate box trucks, we can get any casket your family desires and deliver it straight from the manufacturer to the funeral home.

Devices and Equipment delivery:

With embalming, many necessary medical instruments and equipment are needed. Sometimes the equipment may malfunction or need a part, you may have two embalmers and need the extra tools, or you may just need your new embalming machine delivered as quickly as possible as your old one decided to quit. With our trained medical couriers, you can expect all necessary medical equipment to arrive quickly and safely. Unfortunately, most regular couriers cannot deliver this equipment for weeks, which can be very problematic for a funeral home. Our medical delivery services can solve that problem and get your equipment as quickly as possible.


On occasion, families will fly in from out of state for the funeral. This means some vital information or belongings necessary to conduct the funeral, or just have the funeral the way the family wants to have it, maybe left behind back home. In this case, we offer the fastest possible service from state to state; next flight out. With next flight out, we can pick up and deliver the family member’s laptop that contains all of the decedent’s important information, the urn the loved one was supposed to be placed in, or the blanket that is supposed to be placed in the casket. We ensure funeral directors and loved ones have everything they need to make things run smoothly, even across state borders.

Legal Delivery:

Many times, families will require a loved one’s certified death certificate as soon as possible for estates, bank accounts, cars, etc. However, having someone readily available from the funeral home to drive all the way to the vital statistics office can be difficult as there are other families to serve. Our legal couriers can help by going to the office of vital statistics for you. The legal couriers on our staff are familiar with the process of obtaining a certified death certificate and can do the leg work for you. The delivery driver will go to your office of vital statistics, wait in line, pick up the required certified death certificates, make any necessary copies, and deliver them directly to their final destination.

Cremated Remains:

Time and time again, we have heard the heartbreaking stories of cremated remains of loved ones not making it to their families or final resting places as they should. Whether the cremated remains were not properly packaged, delivered to the wrong destination, transported with hundreds of other packages, not handled with care or dignity, or never arrived on time, Reliable Couriers will change all that. We know there have never been many options for shipping cremated remains, so we have dedicated our team to helping families and funeral homes ship loved ones how they should be. Our couriers are trained professionals and handle every delivery with care, ensuring your loved ones’ safe and fast transport. The cremated remains will be the only delivery with our courier; they will not be placed with hundreds of other boxes in trucks and warehouses but be brought straight to you or their final place of rest.


Do you transport ashes?

Yes. We ensure your loved ones’ cremated remains are safely and properly packaged for transport and deliver them to you or their final place of rest directly from the point of pickup.

Do you deliver food?

Perishable items for luncheons sometimes do not come with a delivery service; that’s where Reliable couriers can help. We can pick up any food or perishable items necessary for your family or funeral home luncheon.

Can you take flowers to church after calling hours?

Our drivers are available to schedule a pickup from the funeral home to the church of your choice 24/7. Call us for a free quote at 888-415-1781.