Customers Want Their E-Commerce Goods and They Want It the Same Day

August 7, 2021

From Amazing to Walmart, and many businesses in-between, orders are getting packed and shipped faster than ever to meet the ever-surging demand in the world of e-commerce. With it being easier than ever to order your items with a few clicks, it’s near-impossible to resist as a consumer. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also added fuel to the flames of e-commerce as people were even having their groceries shipped to their front door on the same day.

So how is the future looking? With more people wanting same day delivery for their purchases, will businesses be able to keep up? Let’s take a dive into how the world of e-commerce is shaping up as same day shipping becomes more of the default way of getting your goods…

The Competition is Searing Hot in the Kitchen

It’s not just Amazon and Walmart that are wrestling for same day delivery supremacy. Almost everyone is trying their hands at it because they know it’s the way the market is moving! For example, Amazon/Whole Foods isn’t the only one shipping groceries with same day speeds. It’s facing off against the likes of Instacart as it and other competitors lean heavily on the same day emphasis for their food delivery services—and even though Walmart Grocery is currently a leader in the food delivery arena as of August 2021, there’s no telling how the winds may change with other big contenders trying to get that bigger slice of pie. For now though, it was reported by Yahoo!Finance that Walmart Grocery was dominating with 48% of sales for grocery deliveries. Instacart is not too far away with 45%, leaving the remainder to be fought over by the rest of the competition. This doesn’t include how companies like DoorDash and UberEats are also making headway with their same day meal delivery services. Amazon also doesn’t separate its grocery sales from its other sales, and so wasn’t able to be given a percentage by Yahoo!Finance.

Want Same Day Delivery? There’s Apps for That!

A big part of what’s making same day delivery so much easier for e-commerce giants and competitors is the ability to create an app for it. With the power of an app, delivery options become more readily available, which increases convenience by multitudes. However, it does also come with its own set of demands that companies all over are pushing to meet:

  • More consumers are expecting same day delivery or even one-hour delivery for their purchases. From Amazon shopping to GrubHub, speedy deliveries are fast becoming the norm.
  • Competitors must creatively think of how to create more delivery options based around those superfast expectations.
  • Customer experience is becoming the true focus as businesses inch their way towards a more homogenous environment where everyone has same-day or one-hour delivery options.

Speed Isn’t Everything—The Customer Still Decides Business Growth

While speed is certainly impressing customers and driving both purchases and app installs, it isn’t enough to drive profitability. For example, even though companies like GrubHub and DoorDash both offer same day delivery models and are boasting growth in user growth for their apps, they actually remain unprofitable. There’s a missing ingredient to it all: Customer Experience.

A fast-shipping solution certainly makes up a part of the customer experience—customers want their products, and they want them as fast as possible! But it’s not as high-powered of a drawing point as it used to be back when it was a novelty. Now that more are adopting the same day or one-hour shipping model, it will be up to who can differentiate their services from the rest and draw the customers in, and that will be in the form of customer experience as a whole. From purchase to acquisition, companies will have to build their strategy around making a positive impression on the customer rather than simply getting a package from Point A to B.

Innovations That Are Wowing the Customers

The fight is on to see what will make that customer experience truly something that will keep people racing back for more. As businesses move to adapt to a more app-based and technology-heavy world, innovations have popped up that have added both to the customer experience as well as to company profitability.

  • Domino’s Pizza has achieved growth after remodeling itself as an e-commerce company that specializes in pizza sales. Devoting more resources to data analysis and even robotics, Domino’s now even has a robot car delivery system that keeps pizzas delivering fast and efficiently, and it certainly wows the customers in the process.
  • GrubHub is also adopting robotics into their strategy. For now, they’re looking into using drone technology to autonomously deliver meals to a number of college campuses as a test. Undoubtedly, it will be a point of fascination for young college students as their meals are being delivered by airborne robots, all while reducing wait times on their meal deliveries because they’re flying straight to their destination.

These are just two remarkable examples of how adaptability is playing a large part in redefining what the customer experience is supposed to be, and what will likely drive profitability in a world of same day and one-hour delivery services. The companies that are looking to adopt better speeds and better customer experiences as a whole will be the ones who will claim the crown at the end of this next stage of e-commerce and delivery.

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