Boston Snowstorm on December 12, 2022

December 12, 2022

The snowy season is upon us here in Boston, New York, which means our seasonal delays are upon us. We are used to our fridged and lake effect snowy weather and always plan accordingly, but unfortunately, that means accounting for delays too. Traffic, flights, and deliveries are all being delayed to our usual inclement winter weather, and this week’s storm is no different from the previous first snowstorms of years past.

Last night’s first snow of the season, according to the Boston Harold, wreaked havoc on our roads and was a very impactful storm. Meteorologists say that this storm may become more impactful towards the end of this week. Boston police departments and surrounding areas are suggesting drivers slow down their motor vehicles to prevent pile-ups and further accidents on these slick and icy roads.

The Boston snowstorm of December 12, 2022, caused a multi-car crash that backed up traffic on I-93 south for several hours. Reliable Couriers delivery drivers were alerted to this situation and acted promptly. Our drivers are equipped with GPS navigation and tracking systems, and our locals to the Boston area. Our drivers were able to avoid the pile-up and successfully make all of our deliveries on time, despite the snow storm and icy roads with backups and accidents.

Our Boston couriers know how important it is to get your package quickly and securely. With our team of local drivers in Boston and greater New York, we can do just that. Our team is equipped with a fleet of vehicles capable of handling blizzarding conditions and equipped with 4×4 and all-wheel drive, and excellent knowledge of the usual road conditions during this time of the year. With increasingly bad road conditions, our team prepares and executes routes to avoid any road closers or accidents that may delay your delivery. Reliable courier’s fleet of vehicles is equipped with GPS tracking systems, so you can be assured your package will be delivered, even through the icy weather.

How can Reliable couriers help during the next snowstorm?

Our team can help you during the next snowstorm by providing 24/7 same day delivery services. Our couriers are available, rain or shine, day or night, to deliver your packages. Each delivery driver is equipped with GPS tracking software, allowing you to watch your delivery in real-time and be updated on any route updates due to inclement weather road closures.